Gabriel Garnica
Teach a man to fish and you are dangerous!
By Gabriel Garnica
September 21, 2010

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese Proverb.

Give a man a fish and you will have his vote forever. Teach a man to fish and you will lose his vote when he realizes how incompetent you are. Democratic Version.

If history has taught us anything, it is the gaping difference between how Democrats and true conservative Republicans view the world and, by extension, the political, social, and economic arena. I am forced to distinguish true conservative Republicans from RINOs because while the mainstream media touts the latter as the only semi- sane conservatives, they are nothing but pathetic sellouts who are more obstacles than solutions to our nation's present predicament.

There is ample evidence in recent years that Democrats thrive on victimization, dependence, hopelessness, pessimism, and personal irresponsibility. Rather than encourage Americans to rise above and beyond the obstacles that may befall them, Democrats coddle and pamper their fans with patronizing, hypocritical, and rationalized excuses for their lot. This is perhaps the most amusing and ironic glitch in Democrats' armor; that their only strength and validation lies in weakening and invalidating those they depend on to succeed.

Democrats demand myopia in order to sell their distorted lenses of reality. They have no use for those with clear vision because anyone so blessed will quickly see how foolish, incompetent, and hypocritical Democrats really are. They demand addiction in order to sell their drug of victimization. Democrats' Kool-Aid is flavored with resentment and revenge, and these ingredients only succeed where abundant feelings of injustice are present. This is a truly insidious yet ingenious formula. I convince you that you have been abused to simultaneously justify your failings as well as your outrage and desire to throw out your abusers. Simply put, Democrats are enablers who feed the alcoholic whiskey while convincing him that his drunken state is the result of greed by the owner of the liquor store.

The media predictably depicts the Tea Party as fanatical, intolerant, and even dangerous fools who must be stopped before they destroy America. However, the fanaticism here is love for America and the intolerance is impatience for the betrayal of American values and a lack of appreciation for America's greatness. The Tea Party is dangerous, but only to the agenda of liberals determined to distort and shape this country into their perverse image of what America should be. Briefly stated, the Tea Party is simply about Americans determined to get their own fish their own way on their terms.

Faced with seeking competence or concealing incompetence, Democrats will invariably choose the latter as the easiest way to a means. Why convince enough voters to win when you can win enough voters to pretend? Millions of grateful, formerly illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Democrats ready to depict themselves as saviors is too juicy an opportunity to pass up. Another irony is that Democrats present themselves as defenders of intellect yet truly educated voters are their worst enemies. These wolves need sheep who will follow them not owls who will reveal their insidious agenda. An open internet where Americans freely exchange ideas is a direct threat to these people, so they pretend to seek regulation of that forum under the guise of fairness. Theirs is a photo-finish between cowardice and hypocrisy, and America is the only loser.

I once knew a bully who liked to flex his muscles and intimidate everyone he met. He served a constant dish of power, superiority, and self-righteous arrogance. Despite this, he was the first to run to some authority whining about mistreatment or unfairness. His outward display of strength concealed a pathetic shell of weakness and inability. Rather than inspire hatred, this sad person ignited pity. Unlike this loser, however, Democrats cannot be pitied in their current slide toward the traditional oblivion that follows voters' periodic foolish belief in their rhetoric. We cannot afford to feel sorry for Democrats because their selfish desire for power at all costs imperils our great nation. Neither can America afford to be Democrats' plaything to fumble with every time they miss being in charge.

In 1994 a plane crashed in Russia when its captain allowed his children to take turns handle its controls. On March 23, 1994, Flight 593 of Russian International Airways went into a spiral killing 75 people after the pilots could not successfully correct the deadly course taken when the captain's son accidentally disengaged the autopilot. America is presently that plane and it is being flown by people no more competent to lead than those children were to fly. We are the passengers and our very existence depends on bringing reason and responsibility back into our nation's cockpit. It is time to begin voting these people out before they destroy our country.

Only the most naïve would believe that incompetence is the sole failing of these people. We know quite well that many of these are purposely guiding this nation toward oblivion because that is their greatest wish. Regardless of whether their actions stem from incompetence or intentional betrayal, the fact remains that those actions are destroying our nation by sending us on a course from which we soon may be unable to steer out.

It is a common sight to see children point fingers at others when caught in the wrong. Likewise, rationalizations and excuses are typical of the immature and irresponsible. We should, therefore, not be surprised to see Democrats presently doing just that in attempting to validate their actions. The bottom line is that we cannot, we must not allow these infants to scribble on our nation's future with their crayons while the media pretends that those doodles are Picasso paintings. This November we can begin to take Democrats' crayons away. In two years we can let them find another place to scrawl their foolish drawings.

© Gabriel Garnica


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