Gabriel Garnica
We are not Pavlov's Chihuahuas!
By Gabriel Garnica
November 3, 2010

As we move through these midterm elections and their immediate and long-term implications for the future of our beloved nation, I must address a situation which is frankly making me sick and tired ( harto for those of you whose English is limited). That situation is the completely biased political coverage in the media, both English and Spanish, in favor of the liberal/Democratic agenda. The utter hypocrisy and Pathetically Pavlovian partisanship of this media is insulting to the intelligence of America's Hispanics and the integrity of journalistic objectivity everywhere.

I have recently observed how Univision, the influential Spanish network, serves us Vanessa Cardenas and Arnoldo Torres as its political analysts. After hearing Cardenas practically declare that the GOP does not give a rat's posterior about Hispanic issues and seeing Torres contort his face into a pretzel in disgust when addressing expected GOP gains, I was curious as to their "objectivity" and decided to research their backgrounds. Not surprisingly, both of these so-called journalists are heavily involved in immigration reform efforts, having written article after article supporting the typical Democratic rubbish which blurs illegal immigration issues as simply immigration issues impacting all immigrants, legal or not. Both of these individuals constantly and regularly portray the GOP as the enemy of Hispanics, and exemplify the radical calls to expand, rather than regulate, illegal immigration into this country.

As a member of The Center for American Progress, Cardenas is an outspoken and often quoted opponent of Arizona's efforts to stem illegal immigration. Likewise, Torres is a prominent proponent of similar efforts as well as anti-assimilation views. Despite the fact that recent polls reveal that this country is sliding away from English literacy and burdening itself with tons of costs and complications caused by an increasingly non-English speaking population, Torres, as then Director of The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), once proudly declared " We cannot assimilate and we won't !." It is safe to say that both Cardenas and Torres are typical proponents of the arrogant, ignorant, insolent, and defiant refusal to assimilate which characterizes the radical immigration agenda. This agenda treats any effort to curb illegal immigration as simply a racist, divisive, intolerant, and hateful attack on all immigrants.

For people like Cardenas and Torres, anyone, including Hispanics, who does not welcome illegal immigrants with open arms, who opposes handing illegal immigrants the keys to the kingdom, or who even dares to suggest some kind of moderation in this situation, is simply a racist, intolerant, ignorant, and dangerous bigot who must be defeated and removed. These people want all Hispanics to be Pavlov's Chihuahuas, simply salivating at whatever piece of rubbish Democratic politicians like Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi throw our way. A review of Univision's website, for example, includes a video which practically paints Barbara Boxer as some noble public servant, presenting us with a smiling "correspondent" salivating at the prospect of re-electing this pathetic politician. Albor Ruiz of New York's Daily News, for example, regularly treats any effort to curb illegal immigration as an anti-immigration initiative. Biased so-called journalists such as these three regularly either ignore conservative Hispanics or patronize them as dysfunctional typos in an otherwise enlightened Hispanic march toward a progress which, more often than not, is defined as whatever Democrats want.

As a proud conservative Hispanic who is deeply offended by Democratic patronization and hypocrisy, I am tired of being viewed as some clueless canine simply waiting for my Democratic master's orders or, worse yet, so ignorant as to not see the way these liberals manipulate, disrespect, and take Hispanics for granted as loyal lap dogs.

The biased Spanish and mainstream media correctly announces the growing importance of the Hispanic vote, but its constant pattern of pushing that vote toward the Democratic agenda is shameful, insulting, and hypocritical to say the least. I refuse to let these biased soldiers of the Democratic platform spew their agenda, bias, and patronizing drivel as the be-all and end-all of so-called Hispanic political coverage.

What is so tragic is that many good, conscientious, and hard-working Hispanics and immigrants will never be exposed to both sides of these issues or presented with an intelligent, objective, and fair analysis of the other side of these debates. Univision means "one vision" and, sadly, that single vision only has eyes for the donkey over the elephant. I do not know which is worse: the biased and manipulative presentation of political issues posing as responsible journalism served by people such as Torres, Cardenas, and Ruiz, or the harm that this rubbish is inflicting on our nation's future, a future which is increasingly defiant of English and assimilation. The less English is spoken here, the less common sense is as well. Perhaps, sensible and conscientious Hispanics can stem this slide toward intellectual and political slavery by electing conservative Hispanics who will demonstrate that the Right can be a haven rather than a straight jacket for America's Hispanic population.

© Gabriel Garnica


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