Gabriel Garnica
It's official, we are living in Bizarro World
By Gabriel Garnica
April 5, 2011

As some of you may know, Bizarro World was the fictional ( at least until now) world created by DC comics where everything was the complete opposite of what it should be. In a sense, it is an upside down world, and if you think such a world is still fictional, take a look around.

Remember when JFK made news for not kissing the Pope's ring? The message was that he as President was not subject to Rome's direction and would not subordinate his duty as representative of the American people to the Pope. As a Catholic I find that incident distasteful but, given the selective standards applied against Christianity in general today, quite prophetic. What is absurd or, bizarre, is that Obama made news for prostrating himself before the King of Saudi Arabia to kiss his ring without causing an earthquake in the U.S. Sure many criticized it, but Obama's pet media managed to move beyond it. So what, exactly, is the message here? The POTUS can kiss the feet of a Muslim leader but he better not do the same for a Catholic leader? Imagine if JFK had kissed the Pope's ring back then. It would have probably saved his life since he would have been impeached!

Moving to the present, we have all seen how Sarah Palin has been brutalized for lacking experience, accused of causing the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, and generally bashed for half of the comments she makes. Meanwhile, folks like Obama, Pelosi, and half of the Left step into it every other day without a peep from the pathetic Pravda that serves us liberal propaganda 24/7.

Speaking of that media, as Rush Limbaugh so aptly pointed out, one of its darlings, Katie Couric, serves up the worst ratings in the history of the CBS Evening News and all we hear is how great she is and how many awards she has won. Remember when poor ratings meant you stink? Couric is leaving her post because even the delusional Left can see the writing on the wall.

Planned Parenthood has turned its multi-tasking machine of lies, murder, and profit into a sleek Madison Avenue propaganda machine which, in the face of efforts to defund it, now tells us how it makes Mother Teresa look like Courtney Love with its alleged works for the weak, defenseless, and voiceless who do not happen to be inside a womb. Remember that this is the organization that, with a straight face, asked for donations in honor of Mother's Day a while ago.

We have Barack Obama doing most of what he criticized George Bush for regarding dragging this nation into a war while managing to generate approval numbers below those that Bush received for that action. This reminds me of James Franco bashing Ricky Gervais for being a terrible host of The Golden Globes and then going out and getting bashed himself for much the same at the Oscars.

It has been reported that, in an effort to get closer to the local population, American female soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are being "encouraged" to wear a Muslim headscarf when interacting with civilians. I guess Obama did not have time to instruct our female soldiers on how to properly kiss the hands of locals as a form of respect for their faith. I wonder if our soldiers anywhere in the world will be asked to carry rosaries when interacting with Catholic civilians so as to get closer to people of that faith. Speaking of idiotic appeasement, it has also been reported that some are wondering if the American flag should be banned from schools so as to not inflame and offend Hispanic students. Pretty soon we will see tests removed so as not to offend students with poor grades and will be required to sponsor one illegal immigrant for one year in our homes including providing said immigrant with a lease-option choice to buy our homes via eminent domain at half the market price so as not to seem anti-illegal immigrant.

None of this should shock you in a world where we have an American President who tells us he is Christian while practically volunteering to be Muslim of the Year; the hospital where that same President was supposedly born doing all it can to downplay or hide that claim, Nancy Pelosi following her promise to clean up Congress with a Congress that made the BP oil spill look like an inkblot; Charles Rangel being censured for evading taxes despite overseeing the committee which oversees taxation; NOW and other feminist groups wailing about everything except the way women are treated in the Muslim world; and Charlie Sheen bashing Sarah Palin when he is not running after hookers, taking drugs, or managing to turn an adoring crowd into hecklers in no time flat.

If you had any doubts that we are indeed the proud citizens of Bizzaro World, then the above absurdities should surely eliminate those doubts. Remember that the main trait of Bizarro World is that imperfection, absurdity, and disaster not only rule the day but are honored as positives. Katie Couric captains a disaster and ends up on 60 Minutes, Charles Rangel is revealed as crooked and praised as a fighter, a rich and spoiled actor makes an ass of himself and is cheered by adoring fans, a proposal disrespecting the American flag is hailed as a preventive measure, and a community organizer who proves he could not organize Sesame Street may just get another four years to make Big Bird our national bird.

© Gabriel Garnica


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