Gabriel Garnica
"Unless"....the left's favorite word
By Gabriel Garnica
November 9, 2011

I do not know about you, but I have come to believe that the Left and its fawning mainstream media must believe that most Americans have the intelligence of a celery stick and the intellectual integrity of Pavlov's dog. After all, these people stick the same tired, overused game plans and talking points which may have worked at one time but now loom as nothing more than pathetic, hypocritical, desperate, and offensive swipes at viability.

Regardless of the situation or issue, these people manage, or should I say dare, to drag out game plans as predictable as they are despicable, transparent as they are phony, and patronizing as they are presumptuous. One constant which runs through even a small sample of these situations or issues is the Left's passionate love affair with the word "unless."

Hence, the Left declares that minorities should be respected and treated like human beings, unless, of course, said minority is a conservative, in which case any mistreatment, abuse, or public defamation they suffer is the rightful penalty for daring to break from their liberal fawning brethren.

Hence, the Left declares that any criticism, investigation, or accusation against a minority is racist unless, of course, said minority is conservative, in which case the Left gleefully brings gasoline to the public burning at the stake. Any questioning or criticism of Obama, Rangel, Waters, Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson is racist; the current shameful attack on Herman Cain, of course, is the sequel to the assault on Clarence Thomas. Like Thomas, Cain should not hold his breath waiting for support from the above African-American liberals because the political and philosophical religion of liberalism runs deeper than any skin color. Apparently, the mere sight of any successful conservative African-American sends the Left out to look for fabricated sexual harassment charges. We can thus talk about been there and done that and no shame in dragging out the same tired tactic.

Hence, the Left declares any alleged abuse against a favored group a moral outrage of the highest order, unless, of course, said abuse is directed by a favored individual or group against a disfavored individual or group, in which case said abuse is a heroic stand for social justice and against the evil forces of the Right out to target another innocent liberal. We see Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer get a relatively free pass despite tons of evidence from the same people and media who now foam in indignation against Herman Cain despite much less proof. We see any investigation of Planned Parenthood for falsifying documents or covering up rape and child abuse which makes Penn State look tame portrayed as a war on women while Democratic Chair Debbie Wassermann Schultz calls any attempt to recognize the personhood of an unborn child "an extreme and radical step." The Left proclaims that women have the right to do as they wish with their lives and bodies unless, of course, those women decide to have that difficult pregnancy, raise those children and delay that career, or sacrifice for the sake of their family, in which case they are idiots, sell-outs, or worse. NOW and others foam against those who wish to stop abortion as an assault on women yet remain silent amid the abuse of women in foreign countries and by favored religious groups.

Hence, any gathering of protestors is an example of social activism in action unless, of course, said gathering involves conservatives or Christians, in which case it becomes an example of radical unrest and divisive rhetoric of hate. It is acceptable for Occupy protestors to yell profanities, wave anti-American banners, assault those who disagree, defecate and urinate on public property, and make demands on nearby businesses; however, heaven forbid a gathering of pro-life or Tea Party supporters should drop a plastic cup on a lawn. The Occupy group can break windows and incite unrest but Sarah Palin promotes violence by showing the same crosshairs that the Democratic Party employed earlier.

As we reach one calendar year before one of the most important national elections in memory, we will have no one to blame for the continuation of the present absurdity but ourselves if we do not do our best to vote these people out of office, and our fate will truly be sealed, unless, of course, we come to our senses in time.

© Gabriel Garnica


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