Gabriel Garnica
The left's three Trojan horses
By Gabriel Garnica
December 8, 2011

The Left is always telling us how basic and popular its positions and agenda are among the vast majority of Americans. If that is the case, then why do we find that the Left is constantly resorting to the use of Trojan horses to push its so-called popular positions?

The Bullying Paradox

The highly-publicized suicide of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi in September of 2010 has been used by pro-homosexual activists to wave the issues of bullying and teen suicide as tools for promoting its political agenda and as weapons against those who oppose that agenda. The Left promotes the equation that conservative political, social, and religious viewpoints lead to negative perceptions and judgments of homosexual behavior hence bullying hence suicide. However, a suicide prevention expert and a pro-homosexual activist both state that such a simplistic connection may be actually leading to more suicides.

Ann Haas, research director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention suggests that this public connection may lead to copycat behavior and dangerously ignores the role of mental illness in such cases.

David McFarland, the interim executive director and CEO of The Trevor Project, which runs a suicide prevention hotline for LGBT youth, agrees with the copycat danger plus adds that this simplistic connection between bullying and suicide ignores the complexities of suicide and, perhaps worse, presents suicide as the logical and best solution to bullied LGBT youth.

These two reasonable arguments dictate a nationwide effort to increase our understanding of the mental health issues which lead to all teen suicides, not just homosexual ones. However, the pro-homosexual lobby is not as interested in helping any teens, including homosexual ones, as it is in using these tragedies to further its political and social agenda and beat down its opposition. The flash of Lady GaGa discussing bullying with a president who strongly supports the homosexual lobby is typical of the strategy of the Left and its pet media in using tragedy to push its agenda regardless of the facts, the truth, or whatever victims do not fit its strategy.

Once one accepts that the Left and media's promotion of the simplistic bullying-homosexual suicide connection may actually lead to more homosexual teens committing suicide, the homosexual lobby's efforts to frustrate anti-bullying legislation which does not put homosexual youth at the forefront of its protection becomes clearer. Simply put, these efforts become more evidence that this is all about pushing a Trojan horse of homosexual teen suicide as the justification for the enactment of special and selective laws which place homosexual teens above other teens and pretend that any opposition of the homosexual lobby directly leads to teen deaths.

The Gender Paradox

The pro-abortion lobby's opposition to laws which outlaw gender and race-based abortions is another classic Trojan horse promoted by the Left. A measure recently signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is an example of such legislation. The Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act or PRENDA makes abortion providers liable for performing gender or race-based abortions while exempting the mother from prosecution. Pro-abortion forces argue that such measures erode a woman's so-called "right to choose" and, while not specifically compelling a woman to explain the reasons for her abortion, may make them more inclined to feel compelled to do so.

However, such measures are not promoted in a vacuum devoid of reality. Statistics show that minority babies are aborted at five times the rate of white babies, and the use of abortion to favor one gender over the other, often boys over girls, has been spreading across the globe.

Targeting a specific group because of its gender or race seems the textbook definition of genocide, and the Left relishes portraying itself as the champion of minorities and females. Despite this, when those minorities and females are in the womb, the Left leaves the building. This is because the issue of gender or race-based abortion puts the United States Supreme Court and the pro-abortion lobby in a bind.

If the United States Supreme Court strikes down a ban on gender and race-based abortion, it would seem to be embracing a constitutional right to abort a fetus based on its gender or race, which would seem logically absurd. The Court would be undermining its gender and race protection efforts over the past decades and, for that matter, its politically-propped Roe decision.

If, on the other hand, the Court upholds such a ban, it would be admitting that the human fetus has gender or race and, thus, would be granting it a greater measure of the very same personhood that abortion forces deny the fetus has, thus again undermining its Roe decision.

I contend that the whole issue of gender and race abortion is a death blow for the abortion lobby because, regardless of whether one upholds or strikes down any ban on this basis, one is logically admitting that the fetus has a race of gender. Many quickly agree that upholding such bans grants this concession and is thus anathema to the Left. However, what many do not realize is that striking down such a ban likewise harms the abortion lobby since in order to say that a trait cannot be used to curve a right demands that one accept that said trait exists and, thus, that the fetus has that trait to begin with. One cannot, for example, strike down a ban on discriminating against Latinos without admitting that Latinos exist. Similarly, to say that people can abort a fetus regardless of its race or gender is to admit that the fetus has a race or gender to begin with thus enhancing the whole personhood argument that the Left so passionately denies.

Based on the above arguments, it is clear that the so-called right of abortion hinges on pretending that abortion is only about choice and that the fetus is a thing like a tooth which cannot have a race or gender. This Trojan horse is promoted by the Left and its pet media to hide the fact, as any reasonable person with two brain cells to rub together knows, that there is no such thing as a Latino bicuspid or a female molar which can be removed at the dentist's office. Hence, a fetus is not a tooth but much, much more.

The Immigration Paradox

While somewhat eclipsed by the economy and other issues, this nation's illegal immigration issue is still seething beneath the surface ready to explode as the national elections approach. The Left and its media typically present this as an immigration issue and speak of any opposition to wide-scale amnesty, protection, and even favoritism of illegal immigrants as a racist position.

Like the others, this Trojan horse is nothing but a pathetic hypocrisy built on smoke and a biased and selective denial of reality. First of all, the Left rails against profiling as the lumping together of all members of a group under a stereotypical label which unfairly distorts reality and harms at least some members of that group by pretending that they are no different than others within the group. However, is this not precisely what pretending that illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are all the same does? If I see an illegal immigrant standing next to a legal one and call both "immigrants," am I not profiling both?

Like the bullying issue describe above, this failure to distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants is actually increasing the harm involved. As just described, it is itself inaccurate profiling. Furthermore, it encourages others to see all immigrants as the same, regardless of their immigration status, thus promoting general stereotypes and, for that matter, exposing legal immigrants to the same abuses faced by illegal ones.

Evidence shows that immigrants today are less inclined to favor assimilation within American society while still maintaining their cultural identity and roots which enrich this nation. Emboldened by efforts to encourage cultural isolation at the expense of societal assimilation, many immigrants come to see America as an entitlement paradise where their agenda and interest trumps the rights and privileges of anyone else.

This Trojan horse is obviously the Left's strategy for patronizing and cultivating a dependent and grateful segment of the population which it can exploit for political and thus social profit.


The three Trojan horses described above vividly illustrate the hypocrisy, greed, and cowardice of the political and social Left as supported by its pet media. While publicly and arrogantly boasting of the moral and social superiority of its positions in three key areas, the Left treacherously uses Trojan horses in each area to concoct an environment of victimization, division, fear, and manipulation for its political and social advantage.

If the Left's arguments and positions on these key areas are as noble and morally superior as they portray them to be, one may rightly ask why the Left needs these Trojan horses to promote and maintain those positions in the first place. The answer is as simple as it is despicable. Simply put, much of the Left's political, social, and religious agenda is a sham built on smoke and mirrors which can only be justified, rationalized, and maintained by the cowardly use of victimization, manipulation, and distortion of the truth behind the Trojan horses described above.

At the end of the day, it makes sense that the Left needs Trojans to sneak their agenda into America. After all, they think that a condom solves everything.

© Gabriel Garnica


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