Gabriel Garnica
Take 50% personal responsibility, 50% brains, and call me in November
By Gabriel Garnica
March 9, 2012

It may seem terrifying to many, as it does to me, but this election is going to be decided by the very people who, incredibly, are still undecided today. You see, the evidence before us is so glaring, so obvious, and so plain, that one cannot help but be mystified that any sane individual would still be unmoved by its message, much less willingly ignore its warning.

When a political party so flagrantly spews hypocrisy in the face of its own actions and words, and its pet media so obviously twists and turns in fawning support and hypocritical distortion, one would imagine that the most simple-minded folk would surely realize that people hide and distort when they are trying to conceal the truth and, more often than not, scribble their own version of said truth.

When a political side and its enabling organizations cry foul and screech in impassioned protests over words and phrases their own side has spewed with such frequency and nonchalance, one would imagine that the most superficial of minds would taste the bitter flavor of hypocrisy and selective outrage which said political side has turned into its mantra.

When a leadership has driven a once great nation to the edge of the abyss and the bus is hanging from a cracking limb increasingly unable to sustain the sheer weight of compost sold by said leadership as gold, one would assume that most passengers of said bus would agree that getting a new driver just might be a good idea.

A hunter may proclaim himself an animal lover; a meat lover may pretend to be a vegetarian; a thief may swear that he is a guard; a blind man may fancy himself an eagle; and an enemy of Christianity may portray or define himself as Christ Himself, but it is up to those asked to buy what is sold to give the fiction the time of day.

Anyone can make an act of concocted sympathy and compassion, but those with an ounce of brains to call their own should see, if they wish to do so, whether these acts are real or for show by merely asking if this compassion and sympathy is applied equally to friend or foe, or whether it is actually done for self gain.

Those with true nobility, authentic patriotism, and sincere love for this nation do not subvert its best interests, handicap its potential, apologize for its greatness, and much less deny it. Those who claim transparency do not hide their past, nor slither in the background handling strings like some puppeteer manipulating reality and morality.

This nation did not reach its apex at the hands of those who would evade self-control, demand entitlements, or raise irresponsibility to the level of a right. Rather, it became the greatest nation on earth by serving as the home for those who embraced freedom of speech, of religion, and of conscience, and raised these blessings to sacred status.

We are presently embroiled in a vortex of hypocrisy, irresponsibility, insolent arrogance, and disrespect. For right or wrong, there are many who have already chosen their side. However, it is the height of irony that the very future of this nation may well rest in the hands of people who actually believe an iota of what the mainstream media is saying, who only internalize what they are spoon fed by purveyors of propaganda so blatant that one wonders how anyone could ever be fooled for a moment by their narrative.

The Left, who have trampled conservative women at will, tell us that the Right is the enemy of women. The Left, who idolize and champion the efforts of a racist Margaret Sanger, tell us that the Right preach hate. The Left, who relish the propagation of dependency, tell us that the Right seeks to stifle futures. The Left, who preach that the Right does not play by the rules, carry two sets of rules at all times, one for themselves and one for their opponents.

We are seeing very bad actors starring in a pathetically bad fiction movie, and most of the critics are rating this charade with two thumbs up. So, if you are still undecided, if you can still somehow manage to be undecided about where your vote should go in November, you do not have to apologize. Rather, simply make sure to vote out those who think that America should apologize for its past greatness and future potential. We have no need to apologize to anyone for this great nation, but we should apologize to our Founders and to great leaders like Abraham Lincoln for letting this country reach this point and this leadership. There are those who may use their children as props of political propaganda, but those of us who still care about this nation only want to provide our children with an America they deserve. There are those who would subsidize the irresponsibility and selfishness of pampered activists while refusing to subsidize the needs of our military families who have sacrificed so much while displaying such heroism.

It is time to take back our country before it is too late. It is time to resurrect the personal responsibility that carried this nation to its past greatness. It is time to allow common sense and rational thinking the light of day in a society increasingly covered in myth and ignorance.

If the present situation is making you feel ill, please apply personal responsibility and common sense with a dose of patriotism and call me in November.

© Gabriel Garnica


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