Gabriel Garnica
So-called "religious" pro-abortion groups abort more than unborn children
By Gabriel Garnica
April 13, 2012

Recently, the Six Rivers Planned Parenthood of Eureka, California posted a brochure for "40 Days of Prayer" which is a copycat of the 40 Days for Life pro-abortion prayer campaign concocted by a group called Faith Aloud, which describes itself as "the religious and ethical voice for reproductive choice." The fact that any religious group would defend abortion as an ethical and moral right should not surprise anyone versed in the efforts of the Left to morally legitimize its pet agendas by dressing them in the façade of religious acceptance.

Faith Aloud, whose Executive Director is one Rev. Rebecca Turner, is a classic example of just such a twisted religious front built on the smoke and mirror argument that abortion is a noble, moral, and hence defensible and ethical right built on any sane religious tradition. At its core, this so-called "religious" support for abortion rights stems from the effort of the abortion lobby to abort religion itself from the liberal sacrament of abortion. Ultimately, however, these so-called religious organizations prove to be nothing more than radical, liberal activist groups in clerical garb, as evidenced by their own websites and Facebook pages associating abortion rights with everything from non-traditional marriage rights to environmental rights to illegal immigration rights. If we have learned anything from this tired charade, it is that holding abortionist's scissors on one hand and a crucifix on the other just does not fly well near anyone with a clue about what Christ is all about or two brain cells to rub together.

Obama Would Be Proud

One of the criticisms leveled against Barack Obama is his constant misuse of Scripture to justify twisted policies and legislation. Clearly, Obama is neither the first nor the last politician to twist Scripture for personal, political and social agendas.

Rev. Turner does Obama proud in a widely circulated video in which she attempts to explain to woman considering an abortion that God is with them should they decide to go through with the procedure. Turner uses the examples of the woman at the well who had five husbands and was living with another man ( John 4: 1-30 ) and the woman caught in adultery ( John 8: 1-11) to show that Jesus did not condemn either woman but offered loving support. Turner argues that God is always by our side and loves us no matter what, which is true, as is her observation that Jesus did not condemn the two woman above and, in fact, did not condemn or shame any woman in Scripture that I can recall. However, what Turner conveniently aborts from this reflection of Scripture is that at no point did Jesus condone or support the sins these women were committing! In fact, Jesus told the adulterous woman to leave her life of sin.

In typical fashion, Turner uses that part of Scripture which suits her rather twisted argument, ignores that part which is inconvenient to her agenda, and attempts to contend, in a deceptively soothing and calm tone, that Christ's refusal to condemn the person is an implicit acceptance of that person's conduct, which is obviously false and misleading. Turner argues that there is nothing in the Bible condemning abortion which I guess means that "Thou Shalt Not Kill" does not apply to partially delivering a viable infant, crushing his or her head, and sucking out their brains.

A pro-abortion advocate removing what is inconvenient and twisting reality to justify her argument seems par for the course, whether the example involves the womb or the Bible.

What Does Reason Have to Do With It?

On a logical level, we know that God is the Creator of life, and loves His creation. It makes absolutely no rational sense to believe or argue that the very Creator of life would condone, much less justify or support, the termination or destruction of life. Christians believe that God has created each human being, and that He already knew each of us when we were within our mother's womb. For the very Creator of life to support and condone having one of his creatures usurp His ultimate authority over life itself seems the height of logical absurdity and God, as perfection Itself, cannot possibly be absurd or illogical.

Likewise, Turner's argument that God supports a woman's decision to have an abortion as an exercise of her free will is similarly twisted. While it is indeed true that God has given us free will, for Him to support and accept anything we decide to do, no matter how wrong, misguided, or immoral, would be to say that there are no consequences to sin, which would render most, if not all, of Christian teaching irrelevant. If my eternal fate is unaffected by my earthly decisions and choices, if God will accept me into His Kingdom regardless of my conduct and actions on this earth, then the distinction between the non-sinner's ethical conduct and the sinner's sinful behavior becomes meaningless. Such an absurd notion has been at the core of many twisted philosophies of the past which regarded humans as the sole determinants of their own morality, akin to moral chaos.

In a word, the God which Rev. Turner soothingly presents is a Being who declares Himself all powerful while subordinating Himself to our moral whims, and who offers us guidance for salvation while practically guaranteeing that salvation regardless of whether or not we follow that guidance. Furthermore, the Christ that Turner has supporting abortion would have died for nothing since, according to her argument, we will be saved regardless of our behavior or His sacrifice. One writer makes the fascinating argument that abortion is, at its core, a present-day representation of the Roman belief that a mother can express her love by deciding whether life, or death, is preferable for her child. Under this view, it is easy to see why abortion advocates and feminists see any attempt by organized religion to impede on that sacred right of women as a most heinous invasion, even seeing the abortion clinic as the pro-abortionist's place of worship. When people argue for a clueless God, and for loving by killing, they have truly entered the twisted world of these so-called religious defenders of abortion, and reason has joined Scripture in the abortion heap.

If Truth Be Told, Abortion is Left Out in The Cold

To read the site and Facebook page of Faith Aloud is to enter a veritable sea of delusion, distortion, and twisted tones of moral legitimacy. These people misinterpret pro-life outrage over their perverse prayers supporting abortion as evidence that pro-lifers just figured out that there are "religious folk and clergy" who support abortion as a moral choice. They equate abortion with miscarriage, adoption, and fertility issues under the umbrella of "reproductive loss." Never mind that abortion is the only option where the "loss" is caused by the mother herself and the "biggest loser" is the most innocent party. They argue that abortion is a decision made as an integral part of one's faith values rather than despite one's faith values, as if killing an innocent, unborn child could ever be made within any legitimate faith value.

At its core, Faith Aloud trumpets the Obama mantra that pregnancy can be a prison from which abortion can be a moral escape. No mention is ever made of personal responsibility; the interests of the father; the possible psychological and physical harm of abortion; the medically proven connection between abortion and breast cancer ignored by the mainstream media; the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who wanted to eradicate "lesser" people; the fact that abortion disproportionately impacts minorities and, statistically, has been a greater threat to the African-American community than the KKK ever was. Alveda King, the widow of Martin Luther King, once remarked that abortion was accomplishing goals which racism could only dream about in the African-American community. One commentator on Faith Aloud's Facebook page argues that "we are all created equal in the eyes of God" leading me to discern that "all" does not include the unwanted child.

The late, notorious abortionist George Tiller, whom Rev. Turner has called "kind...compassionate...and deeply religious.." performed over 60,000 abortions over 30 years, and admitted to killing 100 babies per week, including being on tape admitting to killing some the day before their delivery date! Tiller has been called "special" by some because he was one of the few American doctors skilled enough to perform late term abortions of post-viable children nearly or partially born, which required skills I will spare the reader. While she was Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, the present HHS Secretary, lied about how much money her campaigns received from Tiller, reporting 1/3 of what was eventually revealed as the actual amount. I am sure that these contributions had nothing to do with Sebelius throwing parties for Tiller at the Governor's Mansion, nor her ardent and consistent support of both Tiller and abortion rights throughout her political career despite calling herself Catholic.


Despite being well-versed in the delusional hypocrisy and audacity of the Left, I could not believe what I was reading on Faith Aloud's Facebook page. Rev. Turner calls the outrage over her organization's use of prayer in defense of abortion "hate" and proclaims that her group is "spreading God's love to women." Her group mocks this outrage as ignorance and ridicules the fact that many commentators believe these 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion come from Planned Parenthood without giving credit to Faith Aloud. One commentator states "Isn't it funny to be HATED for preaching GOD's LOVE?" Rev. Turner states "We must change the attitude that abortion is a sin or a tragedy" and, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, proclaims "Happy Birthday, Roe v. Wade! May you live forever!"

How these people equate dismembering, decapitating, or crushing the skull of an unborn child with love, much less God's love, is beyond me. They dare to call their opponents hypocrites, ignorant, hateful, and dangerous even as they defend and justify the murder of innocent life. They equate defending the barbarity of abortion with preaching God's love. Their Executive Director, Rev. Turner, not only denies that abortion is a sin but actually refuses to call the procedure a tragedy. If abortion is not a tragedy to Rev. Turner, then it must be the opposite of that word, which I found online to be a "blessing" which the dictionary defines as help from God, a bestowal of divine help, or something to be glad or relieved about.

Conservative commentators such as Anne Coulter have perceptively and powerfully observed that, in the Left's religion of liberalism, abortion and feminism are among a handful of sacraments, which are religious rites or ceremonies, something sacred. Taken in this context, Rev. Rebecca Turner and her Faith Aloud organization are merely spewing the liberal mantra which hijacks the incense of religious character for radical, secular, and often sinister agendas. They pretend that speaking of love, God, inclusion, human rights, and social justice can ever possibly hide the fact that, at the end of the day, they are defending the murder of innocent life as the inherent right of a feminism that feminist icons such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton rejected as a hypocritical surrender to the very patriarchal thinking feminism abhors. Stanton and others profoundly noted that just as it is wrong for men to view women as lesser property to be disposed of at whim, so too women cannot possibly, and hypocritically, then turn around and view their unborn children as lesser property to be disposed of at whim as well.

Modern radical feminists proclaim that their enemy is our male dominated society, yet they turn around and accept, embrace, and passionately demand the right for the quick way out of an inconvenient pregnancy, which many argue is the traditionally male solution to the situation. At its core, the demand for legal abortion is a female demand to approach sex as men can, without the "threat" of pregnancy. That, in a nutshell, is the greatest hypocrisy of abortion. That women demanding the right to be women on their own terms should demand the right to be more like men is perhaps the greatest, and most ironic, absurdity surrounding this battle.

Rev. Turner and her group argue that opposing abortion is discrimination against women, yet Alveda King has stated that abortion and racism are evil twins both stemming from the poisonous root of selfishness which both hold that when someone stands in the way of our wants, we can justify removing that person from our lives.

Rev. Turner and her group argue that the existence of "religious" pro-abortion organizations such as Faith Aloud, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Catholics for Choice proves that abortion is a moral procedure, despite the fact that all of these groups are nothing but radical liberal, feminist activist groups hiding behind superficial religious facades.

Mother Teresa declared abortion "the greatest destroyer of peace" and asked what could possibly be left once one condones abortion. For Rev. Turner and her friends, abortion is a blessing, an expression of a woman's autonomy, a sacred right supported by God to be celebrated with relief and thanks to God. It is the epitome of absurdity to argue and believe that Christ, the ultimate Defender of the marginalized, powerless, voiceless, unwanted, and inconvenient, would support the murder of the most innocent of these for any reason, much less in His Name. As a matter of fact, to believe that any true follower of Christ or servant of God could support and embrace abortion is to believe that any true vegetarian could ever support and embrace the nutritional value of eating red meat!

© Gabriel Garnica


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