Gabriel Garnica
Well, it's official: the teflon has hit The View
By Gabriel Garnica
November 13, 2012

It finally happened. On Election Day, 2012, any doubt that our country has become a recurring episode of The View was erased once and for all. In fact, we are witnessing two powerful forces coming together to bring a tsunami across this national Titanic, sending conservative patriots everywhere to dive for life boats.

The Ultimate Teflon President

The Conservative political icon Ronald Reagan was dubbed "The Teflon President" by Democratic congresswoman Patricia Shroeder to describe how he seemed immune to negatives in the light of an overwhelming public popularity. Since then, other politicians, including one Bill Clinton, have been given this nickname. However, if his first term and this re-election are any indication, Barack Obama will retire the moniker by the time he is through with us. Here we have a leader with disastrous economic numbers; a Benghazi scandal which Rush Limbaugh rightly called much worse than Watergate; a Sandy storm effort which Rudy Giuliani perceptively described as much worse than what President Bush put forth in Katrina; and a blatant record of trashing the Constitution, trampling religious freedom, apologizing for America, siding with America's detractors, associating with tyrants and extremists, and defending the most extreme abortion record ever seen in a White House occupant.

A View To a Shill

Despite all of these and more negatives, Barack Obama just won a landslide re-election by using his Teflon status to transform America into a bad episode of The View, where he stepped back from fawning fans long enough to declare himself eye candy to them all, probably causing Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to spin in their graves.

America, my friends, has become a giant, never-ending but always worsening, episode of The View, that testament to how so many can ponder so little while wasting so much time. This liberal love-fest gives us the profound insights of Mensa members Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg, among others, and has included the additional past cerebral contributions of Rosie O'Donnell and Star Jones. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the token conservative/lamb for slaughter, and Barbara Walters, the symbolic mainstream media journalist pretending to be objective, round out the main list of present and past finger painters in this sandbox. Walters originated the show with the stated mission of bringing together women from different backgrounds and views which would defy the bubble head view of female-led talk shows and, while the show somewhat started out that way, it has eventually and now solidly evolved into a blatantly liberal, Right-bashing and often air-headed affair.

It is appropriate that Barack Obama rose to fame through the cheers and applause of Oprah and "graduated" to The View, which actually makes Oprah look like Nova. This progression mirrors the regression of mainstream American thought into a fawning fanaticism brimming with oblivious approval, nauseating rationales, knee-jerk ( underline jerk) responses, and magazine stand insight displayed by people of all economic states and social backgrounds. From an infamous phone lady who could not have been any less slurred if she was a taste tester for Johnny Walker and hooting masses easily brainwashed by entitlement and amnesty promises to scores of teary-eyed female graduate students and "progressives" looking to re-shape America into a commune, the United States has been transformed into a Columbia University Vietnam War protest with conservatives trying to sell miniature U.S. flags to mocking dissidents.

We are witnessing the masterpiece of the Left, where operatives manage to keep expanding masses angry and purposeful with an array of identity politics causes and social ills while masterfully swinging free gifts under seats to keep the audience's cheering for more goodies sounding like cogent, constructive, and well developed thought. I was expecting Democrats to announce that everyone who voted for Obama would receive a free smart phone in the mail. The result is cheering when Rosie O'Donnell called American patriots and people of faith terrorists or a failure to physically throw Joy Behar into a dumpster when she spewed that people in concentration camps probably made jokes about each other and the Nazis to relieve stress! If Goldberg is not gracing us with such insights as worrying that strict Constitutionalism would return slavery, then we have Barbara Walters openly pondering Justin Bieber's sex life and why Katy Perry and the Kardashians are so interesting. Perhaps Obama can weigh in on the recent breakup of Selena Gomez and Bieber on the show while another embassy is attacked.

Back to the Teflon; imagine if a conservative had made Behar's moronic statement. It is this kind of clueless double-standard whining that makes drivel like The View so representative of America's descent into Cops.

Lest true patriots and rational citizens everywhere despair at the prospect of being chained passengers on the U.S.S.R. Moronic commandeered by Captain Teflon as it hits the iceberg of reality, I throw one last ironic and cynical flotation device in the form of the warning that this tragic descent is not over. By the time Teflon prepares to pass the hammer and sickle to Hillary, America will resemble an even lower form of programming, The Jerry Springer Show.

© Gabriel Garnica


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