Gabriel Garnica
For the left, politics is child's play
By Gabriel Garnica
January 17, 2013

The statement that one can measure the greatness of a society by how it treats its weakest members has been attributed to an array of historical figures ranging from Ghandi to Churchill yet, regardless of its origin, its wisdom has never been more profound than the present. As we approach the grim 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are sadly confronted with the tragic reality that the moral stature of this society, as led by its present leadership and measured by its treatment of innocent life, is abysmal, and that our present leadership is guilty of three distinct hypocrisies regarding its treatment of innocent life, schools, and safety.

Let us begin with the fact that Planned Parenthood is merely a federally subsidized slaughterhouse which promotes promiscuity and was founded by a racist who wanted to exterminate minorities. Despite this dubious and sinister character of the abortion industry, we find that despite the fact that most Americans oppose abortion, our continuing leadership and its propaganda machine continue to pretend that precisely the opposite is true. What is clear, however, is that the passage of time combined with the increasing ignorance of our populace is leading to staggering confusion on even the tragic court decision that is more a landmark of moral depravity than evidence of any judicial weight.

Simply put, the mainstream media's entire defense of abortion rights is founded on its passionate adherence to the Left's playbook. Conversely, the Left's equally impassioned defense and support of abortion rights is built on blatant hypocrisy and convenient pretense. By extension, any agenda involving the protection and interest of children proposed by the Left and its pet media must be viewed in the context of its contradictory and hypocritical stance involving abortion.

The horror of Sandy Hook, complete with the Left's subsequent exploitation of that unspeakable tragedy for political gain, is a classic example of this blatant hypocrisy. We have a clueless mother sharpening the gun skills of an increasingly reclusive and antisocial son who played violent video games all day while providing him with enough weaponry to make the NRA blush. Conveniently, and predictably, the Left and its media geishas focus on the guns he used to carry out his deranged acts. These are the same people whose agenda has diluted the traditions, morals, and customs which made this nation great starting, ironically enough, with their assault on what happens in the schools. The tragic reality is that the American classroom was already becoming the scene of mass intellectual carnage long before monsters fed a steady diet of media violence, pop parenting rubbish, twisted morality, and a wimpy justice system made target practice of innocent students an extracurricular activity.

The racist history of Democrat gun control efforts aside, it is fascinating that the very people who now exploit the Sandy Hook tragedy to push for gun control likewise support an entertainment industry which promotes gun violence and a judicial system that protects criminals more than victims. However, we are now supposed to believe that these people really care about a violence free, safe society.

Likewise, the President tears up thinking about how the young Sandy Hook victims "had their entire lives ahead of them" and had their innocence "torn away from them too early." Apparently, supporting an organization in Planned Parenthood whose every move is geared to either destroy or exploit children for monetary gain does not qualify as tearing their innocence away a too early an age for President Obama. However, despite the history of a party, an agenda, and a leader passionately supporting and defending the right to destroy unwanted children as "choice," we are now supposed to believe that these people really care about protecting children at any level without some ulterior political purpose or motive.

One of the telltale signs of a false argument is its need to constantly reshape or redefine its purpose or language, so as to conveniently distance itself from its image weaknesses. We find Planned Parenthood now moving away from its " choice" mantra after so fervently waving that very same mantra as its core motivation and purpose. However, we are supposed to believe that these people really care about choice despite the fact that they are now discarding it like some failed public relations or marketing prop.

Finally, speaking of props, we have the very same leadership which treats pregnancy as some kind of punishment or disease and unborn children as trivial now hiding behind children props at every turn as media human shields to fend off opponents to its agenda. Clearly, this leadership sees children as nothing more than convenient political props to be waved like banners to justify any drivel they float past their fawning media to an oblivious public. However, we are supposed to believe that these are the same people who see children of all ages as worthy of genuine respect and dignity. Thus, we have the three distinct examples of the Left's hypocrisy exemplified by the horror of Sandy Hook.

First, the Left manages to exploit innocent children from both ends of the womb. It discards them inside the womb for the political convenience and necessity of its ardent pro-abortion agenda, yet waves those innocent children who manage to avoid abortion as political props to push its various agendas including gun control.

Secondly, the Left now wails on about the carnage of innocent life in the classroom despite the fact that it has long been complicit in the intellectual carnage of innocent minds in the effort to dumb down the populace and discard our nation's true identity and history.

Lastly, the Left wails on about gun control and safety despite its own racist history in support of gun control, liberal judicial and penal policies protecting criminals over victims, and a twisted social agenda which rationalizes and glorifies violence.

In political and social discourse, as in baseball, three strikes usually means one should be out.

© Gabriel Garnica


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