Gabriel Garnica
Foreign terrorists treated better than Gosnell's victims
By Gabriel Garnica
April 23, 2013

In case you missed it, the Gosnell trial and the handling of the Boston bombing suspects represent just what is wrong with this administration's "handling" of innocent lives and national security. In fact, you are better off being a terrorist who just murdered three and maimed 200 Americans than a viable, unwanted baby in this country right now. If you are a radical, extremist terrorist with even a hint of Jihadist influence like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the sole surviving Boston bomber, or Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder, this administration will eventually offer you every ounce of consideration and breaks possible, all in the name of political correctness and preserving its favored agendas, religion, and groups. If, however, you are an unwanted, viable baby in the hands of this administration, its abortion supporters, and the ghouls they enable like Gosnell, you are road kill.

The familiar pattern seen with this government's handling of the Fort Hood massacre is being repeated with the Boston bombing. A suspect with clear Jihadist influences and connections is portrayed as an isolated nut job acting out of some twisted mindset more blamed on big, bad American injustice, maltreatment, or misunderstanding than any direct mentorship and/or internet influences. Such fables allow this administration to then sweep further investigation of the situation under the rug so that, as in its disastrous Benghazi fumble, drones like John Kerry can eventually tell us that there are more important things to do than continue "investigating" which looks more like tactical procrastinating and posturing in the absence of any desire to reveal a very inconvenient truth. Such federal fertilizer has been in full display in the Fort Hood case, where Hasan has appealed being forced to shave due his Muslim faith while many of his victims will never have to worry about shaving again. Once shifted to the red tape of regular litigation, ghouls who have murdered and devastated American lives can demand better lunches, more comfortable beds, and the kind of respect which they brushed off their victims like lint.

Truth be told, terrorists with any foreign influences or links are inconsistent, inconvenient, and even counter-productive to this administration's goals of pushing its agenda on the corpses of its domestic foes, who are easy targets for any crisis not to be wasted. Hence, any Jihadist influence or connection is quickly swept under the rug beneath a barrage of misinformation and fiction depicting the terrorist as a loner whom CNN and MSNBC can speculate carried an NRA card on one hand, a pro-life banner on the other, and a crucifix around his neck. In case you forgot, this administration considers Catholics, orthodox Jews, and evangelical Christians radical religious extremists as dangerous as al-Qaeda, the KKK, and Hamas.

Imagine, for example, if a Catholic pro-life supporter was considered a "person of interest' in a case where another pro-life supporter bombed a Planned Parenthood clinic, murdering a patient and two abortionists and injuring over 100 others in the clinic. This administration and its media pets would go ballistic, citing this violence as a clear example of how radical, extremist, and dangerous Catholics, Christians, and pro-life supporters were. Any ties between the bomber and these groups would be magnified and shoved in our eyes for weeks, and any efforts to downplay such ties would be bashed as anti-American and evil. There is no way that Michelle Obama would ever want to be associated with this Catholic, pro-life person of interest, much less visit him or her in the hospital yet, that is exactly what she did with the Saudi "person of interest" whose family has numerous al-Qaida ties and who is being deported. This visit has been called a major national security blunder which sends very mixed messages regarding this administration's allegiance to national security.

To conclude the above scenario, every major media outlet and every corner of the Left would demand full investigations, reviews, and changes of any Catholic, Christian, and pro-life group under the sun. It is unlikely that any member of the Left would sympathize with the added bias and mistreatment of Catholics, Christians, and pro-life groups which might result, but that is exactly what Giraldo Rivera did by tweeting more concern about the added stress that Muslims might feel in retaliation over the Boston bombing than for the Americans who had their lives ended or their legs blown off due to the actions of people he earlier characterized as, you guessed it, domestic anarchists.

We have an administration which irresponsibly speculates when tact dictates it should remain silent and irresponsibly remains silent when decency and humanity dictate it should speak up. It offers no comment regarding the barbaric cruelty of a Gosnell trial which reveal the abuse and lies infesting the abortion industry and its lead ghoul, Planned Parenthood, and then merely offers a feeble, pathetic reminder of just how passionately it has always championed that industry's right to do exactly what Gosnell is accused of doing. Planned Parenthood insults our intelligence with its claims of being "appalled" for conduct it clearly knows about and condones throughout the country. Sadly, Gosnell is not the exception, as Planned Parenthood would have us believe but, rather, the very vivid and real rule that tiny, unwanted, human life is very disposable to the doctors, organizations, industry, and administration whose fingerprints are all over the scissors used to decapitate these poor, defenseless victims.

As Benghazi, Sandy Hook, Gosnell, and Boston demonstrate, there is no crisis that cannot be manipulated for political and media advantage, no truth that cannot be swept under a rug, and no lie that cannot be perpetuated by words or silence. In the final analysis, terrorists who want to kill and harm innocent Americans will be treated with kid gloves while kids at the end of abortionists' gloves will end up swimming in the toilet.

© Gabriel Garnica


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