Gabriel Garnica
The day that the devil flinched in Texas
By Gabriel Garnica
July 9, 2013

As I work my way through the rhetorical tennis match between pro-abortion and pro-life supporters in light of the infamous "Hail Satan" chant by pro-choicers in Texas, it becomes abundantly clear that 2013 will be remembered as the year that the abortion lobby gave up trying to pick up after its elephant in the room.

Between Planned Parenthood's pathetic attempt to pretend that Gosnell was the exception and the sight of howling fools praising the prince of death, this year has not exactly been a PR masterpiece for a side whose whole existence is predicated upon the lie that abortion is about anything other than death on demand at whim for self.

Imagine an iceberg where the only visible tip is populated by propaganda peddlers, manipulators of euphemism, and spin artists all engaged in pretending that dismembering, beheading, burning, or drowning an unborn or just born child is nothing more than removing a tooth or, incredibly, a "woman's health" issue. Imagine how difficult it must be to maintain this greatest of lies, especially knowing that, below the surface of public awareness, you are hiding scores of Gosnells and restraining legions of yelping loons like the bright lights chanting in Texas.

When even actual Satanists want to distance themselves from the idiots chanting "Hail Satan" and call their use of Satan's name in support of abortion "diabolical," we have a sense of just how twisted, yet revealing, this sad episode really is. Truth be told, we are simply witnessing the exposure of an entire movement, immersed in diabolical irony, hypocrisy, arrogance, selfishness, defiance, greed, and death.

The PR and media suits can no longer hide the brimming vitriol bubbling just beneath the surface, and the image of this now plainly visible contradiction would be comical if it were not so tragic. Major newspapers reject a pro-life ad they deem too controversial because the ad shows a hand hold a 20-to 24-week-old baby, which a new Congressional Budget Office shows are killed by abortions about 30 times a day. The abortion lobby desperately tries to ignore the fact that medical experts and evidence increasingly prove that preborn children feel pain. The blood, and truth, is increasingly coming to the surface, exposing the despicable lies on which this vile industry floats. We have a reverse Titanic here, where the vessel of truth has hit the iceberg of propaganda revealing the lies and death beneath.

One by one, these purveyors of pretense are losing their masks. Denying the humanity and personhood of these innocent, voiceless victims as slave owners and Nazis once did to justify their wrong will no longer work. Hiding the images of these poor children, both after abortions and in the womb via ultrasound, has become increasingly pathetic. Facing the onslaught of truth which now drowns out their lies, the abortion lobby spin masters have been overrun by their own mindless minions spewing the truth the spin doctors have so long tried to hide. The chants in Texas, then, are simply the coming out party of a truth which can easily be mishandled by pro-life supporters too eager or too stupid to give the abortion lobby the scissors to cut its own spine for a change.

Given this display in Texas, pro-lifers face a number of possible responses. Many have rightly argued that it is wrong and counterproductive to make the sweeping generalization that all abortion defenders are Satanists because a few idiots decided it was a good idea to praise the prince of death. Such a response would only play into the hands of this pathetic, half-dead movement grasping for a new lease on propaganda life. However, it is foolish to pretend, a la Neville Chamberlain, that converting people to the pro-life side is merely a question of bringing lemonade and flowers to a spewing mob praising the devil or that the spew in question does not portray evil in some form. Perhaps the best approach would be to invite abortion supporters to publicly repudiate the spew, and begin a dialogue with those, if any, willing to reject the insanity that spew presents, embracing the idea that the chants, and not necessarily the chanters, were evil.

At the same time, I reject the notion, proposed by some, that we should merely ignore this episode, that the chant was merely an attempt to shock or oppose, or that "Amazing Grace" is somehow a "psycho-spiritual weapon." Such a response incredibly manages to both under-estimate the evil present and likewise pretends that peacefully singing "Amazing Grace" can ever be a trigger for such a vile response. Yes, this was clearly an emotional response from extremist members of a wounded side.

However, one might rightly ask why those, if any, of the abortion lobby who reject this heinous display have not publicly repudiated and criticized it, much less distanced themselves as actual Satanists have done. Perhaps it is because this chant is not so much the cry of an extremist fringe as much as the actual source of a struggling agenda. What happened in Texas was not merely an emotional response to a charged situation. Neither was it a clear assertion and proclamation that anyone who defends abortion rights is a Satanist with ritualized meetings every week. Rather, it is a proclamation of the truth that abortion is the devil's business and anyone who supports it, consciously or not, serves the evil one's purpose.

I prefer the observation that we are witnessing an asylum increasingly run by the inmates, a polished propaganda death, selfishness, and greed machine being increasingly overrun by the mindless mobs that both support it and benefit from it.

We cannot overreact to this episode by engaging in the same kind of imbecilic vitriol exhibited by pro-abortion activists who, for example, wished that a pro-life legislator's daughter be raped, held "Hoes before Embryos" signs, and used innocent children as props defending the murder of innocent unborn children. Rather, we must embrace the kind of calm, logical, and compassionate love that Christ exhibited when facing evil. They say that the devil flees from Holy Water. If "Amazing Grace" was the Holy Water that day in Texas, then we have seen the devil flinch.

© Gabriel Garnica


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