Gabriel Garnica
The magic bull theory: the Warren Report and Roe vs. Wade
By Gabriel Garnica
January 23, 2014

As thousands of young people attend this year's 41st commemoration of the Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized abortion in this country, I am reminded of a recent tragic commemoration just a few years older which, believe it or not, has relevance to the fight for the unborn. Exactly two months before this year's March for Life, Americans remembered the despicable murder of John F. Kennedy at the hands of a vile conspiracy grounded in selfish greed, abuse of power, bitter hatred, and a wanton belief that the will of influential elites should override the will of the people. Those same beliefs underlie today's abortion lobby, and etch a connection which might seem forced to some, yet rings truer with the passage of time. In an eerie coincidence, the date of Roe vs. Wade, January 22, 1973, also happens to be the day that Lyndon B. Johnson, a key character in the JFK assassination, died. Thus, legal abortion and the JFK assassination saga even share a common date.

The Martyrdom of Camelot: Convenient Coincidence

There is no doubt that JFK was a flawed man. The breadth and consistency of his womanizing and marital infidelity, according to many, reached the level of mental illness, and certainly contradicted his Catholic faith. Despite this evidence of human fault, there is also no doubt that JFK was a man of vision and deep love for this country, and for life, as evidenced by his words and actions. However, history often reminds us that noble goals and actions often bring the hatred and opposition of dark forces with ignoble agendas, and this is no exception.

In the interest of time and space, I refer the reader to just some of the references which demonstrate an incredibly complicated web of powerful, influential, and sinister, individuals in the CIA, the mob, anti-Castro activists, the military industrial complex, and JFK's own government who were dripping with motive and opportunity to put a violent and treacherous end to Camelot at that very time in history. Just as despicably, the government arm of this sinister web managed to overrule the will and consent of the American public through fraud, tampering, and outright fabrication in the form of an official pronouncement which merely parroted their intended agenda.

The Warren Commission: Insidious Fiction

It has been widely discussed that the Warren Commission Report presented regarding the JFK assassination is as flimsy, tortured, and failed a fabrication and alteration of facts as anyone has ever dared to float down the river of media and public consumption. While there will always be supporters to anything served under the guise of government or official authority, there is real evidence that this report, and the group which produced it, were nothing more than a pathetic attempt to put the stamp of approval on a version of the JFK tragedy most convenient to those with the most to gain from that conclusion. The mere fact that the Commission ignored important evidence and witnesses, suppressed critical information, included a known JFK hater, and was commissioned by JFK's successor who had everything in the world to gain from a nice, neat conclusion to the entire JFK assassination saga, should be enough to make even the most naïve observer suspicious. The fact that evidence of sinister connections between the events and characters were brushed aside, and highly dubious yet convenient conclusions were drawn, can only lead any sane and objective observer to conclude that this "official" document was nothing more than an insulting fiction sold to a trusting and gullible American people too eager to find some closure.

The Martyrdom of Objective Personal Responsibility: Convenient Aim

History is brimming with examples of dark, twisted purposes sold as noble tools for human advancement. Any review of history will remind us that infanticide, slavery, genocide, corruption, and fraud have all, at one time or another, been dressed in the garb of noble deeds necessary for the advancement or good of some society or people. In fact, it is a matter of common sense that, the more vile the intent and agenda, the more sinister and sophisticated the fraud perpetuated to sell that intent and agenda. Thus, the German people did not accept Hitler as their leader with the sole intent to be drawn into yet another utter defeat, nor did they enslave and murder millions of innocent people fully accepting the evil of their actions. Rather, they were intoxicated with sweet words, noble and patriotic pronouncements, and impassioned pleas for personal and societal advancement.

It also makes sense that any major agenda or goal will invariably require the organization of a large web of characters, groups, and smaller missions, often hidden, to effectuate the intended objective. Sinister forces intuitively know that their greatest ally is the perception of utter coincidence, and sheer accidental association, as well as ingenious vernacular used to sell even the most despicable actions as necessary, beneficial, and even sacred.

Such is the case with abortion, whose history is steeped in infanticide, superstition, and human sacrifice for personal or social convenience. These roots in population control and eugenics, euthanasia, racism( also here), and social engineering, while passionately embraced by its followers directly or indirectly, are obviously not kosher concepts for mass consumption unless dressed in more attractive vernacular and themes. Likewise, the dark purposes of characters within these forces will invariably be either ignored, suppressed, or spun into more acceptable forms. Thus, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and its patron saint, who once stated that "the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its members is to kill it" is painted as the most noble and glorious of women despite her less than noble history.

Today, Sanger's baby, Planned Parenthood, is the largest abortion provider in the U.S., and has become synonymous with abortion itself, even while pathetically pretending to provide general women's healthcare, including mammograms, and evading evidence of corruption. The simple truth is that, without promoting sex on demand free of restraints including among young people, Planned Parenthood would have less contraceptives to sell and abortions to perform and, without those abortions, it would eventually be out of business. In a word, Planned Parenthood is profiting from the murder of the unborn, and is not about to let go of its cash...fetus. The bottom line is that abortion is big business, as well as the cornerstone of our society's general moral devolution dressed as progressivism founded in relativism. It is the apex agenda, the sacrament, of those who seek to turn the individual into his own god, free of moral restraints and ethical absolutes. In a word, abortion is the ultimate expression of self-morality, often tragically perpetuated and exploited for gain by the true culprits of the evil; those who use this barbaric act for political, social, or monetary profit.

The ultimate irony is that the abortion lobby dares to promote the dismemberment of unborn children as sacred yet, incredibly, they are not lying, for this evil is truly a "sacred" sacrament to them, to be passionately and eternally protected as a primitive token sold as a modern right.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the abortion lobby's argument is its twisted connection of abortion to feminism, despite clear historical evidence that feminist pioneers were passionately pro-life. Today's radical feminists, seeking yet another fabricated validation for abortion, etch yet another fiction pretending that abortion, which basically tells women that their only true potential can be achieved by equating their sexuality with that of men, has anything to do with respecting women for who they are. Truth be told, it makes no sense for women who passionately rejected the notion that they were merely property to be discarded at whim would then turn around and treat their unborn children in precisely that way.

Roe vs. Wade: Abortion's Warren Commission Report

The Warren Commission Report was an incredibly forced, twisted, and weak fable pretending that JFK was murdered by a lone nut and not a sinister cabal of government, activist, and criminal factions. Worse still, it pretended to represent truth, and an affirmation of a duty owed to the nation and the American people. Instead, it was a betrayal of that trust by the highest levels of government, either through sinister intent or callous passivity, and is not worth the paper it was printed on, despite being hailed as something close to the Declaration of Independence.

Likewise, the Roe vs. Wade decision is an incredibly forced, twisted, and legally weak fable pretending that the U.S. Constitution and our Founders ever intended to confer legality to abortion. Worse still, it pretends to represent legal and constitutional truth, and an affirmation of a duty owed to the nation and the American people. Instead, it is a betrayal of that trust by the highest levels of government and the judiciary, either through sinister intent or callous passivity, and is not worth the paper it was printed on, despite being hailed as something likewise close to the Declaration of Independence. Ironically, both Warren and Roe represent a declaration of independence, but from the will of the American people.

Judging from Barack Obama's fawning praise of both Roe and Planned Parenthood, not to mention his treatment of the U.S. Constitution, it is clear that he leads the group of those who, ironically, manage to find Roe embodied in the very document which they trash as often as they brush their teeth.


Two agendas, and two sinister conspiracies gathered to remove a major obstacle to each respective agenda. Beyond that, the supposed legitimization of that agenda through a pathetic, "official" document brimming with twisted justifications, suppressed truth, lies, fabrications, weak assumptions, ignored facts, and a pathetically pompous, arrogant air of authority and finality. Worse still, all of this laced with a total apathy and rejection toward the will of the American people by a power elite only seeking its own agenda and the validation of that despicable agenda. In both cases, the mainstream media has been complicit in suppressing the truth and promoting the lies.

At the core of both the Warren Commission Report and Roe vs. Wade is the fable of a magic bullet, which either bounces off two people and makes wild twists in mid-air or magically declares that the unborn child is nothing more than a woman's tooth with miniature feet. I choose to combine both fables under the title of a magic bull theory, which pretends that, just because extremely biased government or judiciary officials with a personal agenda put their lies on paper, one is obliged to swallow everything hook line and sinker as Scripture.

The commemoration of JFK's murder, the legacy of Martin Luther King, and the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, are all in fairly close chronology to each other, within two months. However, that proximity is not confined to dates on a calendar, for all three epitomize the words of Dr.King's niece, Dr. Alveda King, who once warned of the fundamental human error of thinking that we can justify getting rid of anyone who stands in the way of our wants, on arbitrary factors, and coming up with rationales for doing so, all in the service of selfishness, greed, or power.

If such evil is inherently wrong, then that wrong is exponentially magnified when it is despicably legitimized through a fabricated document built on deception and suppression of truth in betrayal of our national will and trust. Banana republics bump off leaders at whim. Ancient, primitive cultures sacrificed their young to the gods in search of economic prosperity. At the end of the day, the Warren Report and Roe vs.Wade may well be this society's way of pretending that it is more than a glorified Banana Republic whose elites have an addiction to ancient rituals.

© Gabriel Garnica


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