Gabriel Garnica
Free will, logic, and privacy.....liberal style
By Gabriel Garnica
May 15, 2014

In this age of an increasingly dumbed down populace, one has to wonder if the concepts of free will, logic, and privacy still have any connection to reality. After all, we are chained with a leadership which spews litanies about securing freedom, making sense, and respecting privacy, even as they twist each one of those aspirations into absurd caricatures. In fact, we are constantly bombarded with new and even more blatant absurdities and hypocrisies on a daily basis. Why fish for the ridiculous when the ridiculous is literally jumping into your boat?

The Left's Rotten Core

The evidence that the federally pushed Common Core educational initiative is nothing more than government intrusion, manipulation, and control into the education of our young is staggering. This collectivist garbage is nothing more than the government jamming intellectual, political, and moral socialism down our throats under the guise of state approved educational initiatives. Its goal is to not to teach our children how to learn but, rather, what to learn. It glorifies subjectivism, relativism, secularism, socialism, collectivism, and trivializes objective truth, individual excellence, and moral absolutism. It is a transcendent switch from treating our children as the real clients of education into shaping them as the real products of education. The key, then, becomes not so much what we can do for our future generations as much as what we can do to them.

Where is the free will in removing the free will to demonstrate individuality, uniqueness, and out of the box creativity? What is the logic of teaching students that the journey or process is more important than the destination when journeys to wrong destinations are actually called being lost? What, for that matter, is the logic of expecting performance to improve when one is obsessed with catering to an increasingly clueless majority with reduced standards? How is privacy seved by a draconian system which collects and tracks student and teacher personal data forever? Let me get this right; you can marry whomever you want, fool around with whomever you want as often as you want, and murder as many unborn children as you want, but you better let us track your height, weight, favorite color, favorite foods, religious views, and who knows what else? You have the free will to do whatever you want, as long as it is what we want you to do. You have the free will to be yourself as long as you make sure you are the self we prefer you to be. The way to improve performance is to coddle the mediocre and worse, ignore or even punish the outstanding and, as a cherry to the absurdity sundae, to lower standards so as to pretend that performance has improved. If you only manage to create failure, just manipulate the truth and pretend that failure is success.

Say What?

Anyone looking for logic from the Left is in for a rude awakening. You see, it is nearly impossible to make sense when you are swimming in twisted logic and lies. Take, for example, how the Left tells us that we can reduce child mortality by killing them before they are born; or that killing the most innocent and voiceless is a fundamental human right; how anyone can refer to abortion as a blessing, or a sacred right favored by God, while bodies of unborn and newly born children are increasingly found in toilets and everywhere else.

We are told that it is an offensive abuse to expose women to sonograms of their unborn children, despite the fact that such exposure often results in their free will and private desire to keep that child. According to the Left, you are insulting intelligent women by presenting them with more information before they make important decisions. According to the Left, it is a war against women to provide them with more information rather than keep them in the dark. Perhaps this inconsistency is not an inconsistency. Rather, perhaps it is really about the glaringly obvious truth that abortion has nothing to do with free will, logic, or privacy but, rather, is only about despicable greed and manipulation. Yes, the Left's definition of free will, logic, and privacy with regard to women is to limit their options, lie to them, and invade their most sacred power to create life with the profit motive to end that life.

Michelle Obama is outraged and heartbroken by the unconscionable act of terror in the abduction of Nigerian girls but has no problem with murdering unborn girls and boys out of convenience. Have you noticed that she and her husband constantly see their children in those children who fit their political and social agenda but never make that connection otherwise (see Gosnell)?

Fundamental Shift in America's Essence

In the final analysis, we are witnessing a fundamental shift in this nation's essence from individual freedom to collective submission and regulation, from what we can do for our people to how much we can get away with doing to our people, and from honoring greatness to coddling and even glorifying mediocrity. This country, once the epitome of unity and responsibility despite individuality, is now the very face of division, entitlement, and victimization. Rather than point to ourselves as the agents of greatness, we are being encouraged to point to others as the agents of our faults.

Free Will, logic, and privacy used to mean something in America. Their definition was uniquely founded in this nation's essential greatness. Today, we might as well have Goebbels running the show, or would that actually be less invasive?

© Gabriel Garnica


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