Desmond McGrath
Bye BSA, hello NSA
By Desmond McGrath
June 11, 2013

Boy Scouts of America latest victim of the Socialist Takeover of America

Last week I was listening to the Denny Schaffer on WRNO in New Orleans when he was talking about the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) voting to allow "openly gay" boys to be in the Scouting movement and felt compelled to phone in. After the call, I started to formulate this article right away but in the barrage of scandals between the IRS, FBI and NSA that have unfolded since then, I became overloaded with thoughts and imagined how Hercules felt staring down the Lernaean Hydra and how every Constitution supporting patriot or Christian Organization feels, especially those specifically targeted by the alphabet soup agencies, for example Catherine Engelbert and True the Vote. I then realized that Fundamental Change had come to America, but that the formal rollout announcement had to be delayed until Caesar Obumus Disgustus was coroneted for his final term to finally pave the way and ensure victory for the Caesars that will follow him. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told Roland Martin in a February interview, "Obama has put in place the kind of database... will have everything on every individual"

It was then that I realized that the BSA issue was not about letting "Openly Gay" boys in the Scouting movement but to stop the supply of those being "Openly Scouts" from exposing Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves; rare Scouts like Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, Ed Loomis, Kirk Wiebe and now Edward Snowden who put everything they had on the line to expose the NSA.

The true goal is to eliminate the core values of Scouting (and other underpinnings of Western Society), as a preemptive strike to avoid the future exposure and cost of trying to oust them before they do damage exposing the expanding Apparatchik of the Surveillance State and Socialism in general.

Perhaps Staff Sgt. Michael Lukeman, Contingency Operating Base Adder, Iraq summed it up best in Stars and Stripes with regards to the Military allowing "openly gay" to serve in place of the old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
    What has never been discussed is exactly how "openly gay" will be defined. Will it be defined through some "mass media definition," meaning that gays will be parading down Main Street in their uniforms, shouting, "We're queer and we're here"? Or does it mean that they will be held to the same standard as someone who is "openly Christian" but isn't allowed to "openly" discuss their religious beliefs in uniform?

    A professional organization, no matter how big or how small, defines itself solely by the standards it not only sets for itself, but also enforces.... ...The time has come for someone to finally address the definition of what it is to be "openly gay"... ...through the letter of the law, and not through the court of public media/opinion. Then, set the standard and enforce it "openly."

There is an old saying "Once a boy scout always a boy scout" and I was once a proud part of the scouting movement in Canada. One of my Scout Leaders was gay and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was an unwritten rule even back then. My grade 9 Gym Teacher was gay, similarly friends I have known for years are gay; skilled artists, musicians, writers, engineers, lawyers and others who continue to contribute selflessly to society in general. I have never seen them parade down Main Street in a devil costume slapping onlookers in the side of the head with a 6 foot long phallus attached to their costume. Nor have I ever had them impose their homosexuality on me. The issue about homosexuality in scouting is not about the unmistakable fact that a portion of humanity are somehow predisposed to have a same sex attraction, it is really about two prongs of a pincer movement; control & indoctrination in tandem with divide & conquer. In everything there is a Yin-Yang dichotomy of enlightenment and dark oppression; of Good versus Evil. From time immemorial there have been subversive subsets of every aspect of society wanting to tear down what others have built and foist what they believe to be their morally superior agenda on the many via indoctrination and control or dividing and conquering a people. One should read "The Pink Swastika" to see how a masculine masochistic subset of homosexuality controlled the Nazi Party.

I became a scout before avowed Maoist "Lucky" Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his merry men seized control of the ship of state of Canada and put the rudder hard left unbeknownst to the passengers and majority of crew (paraphrasing) "they will not realize that they will be disembarking from a different port than they intended at boarding." I saw firsthand the changes in the scouting movement as the scouting manual was "Fundamentally Transformed" to something more akin to the Young Pioneers manual than Lord Baden Powell's original "Scouting for Boys". In the anti-monarchy sentiment rampant amongst the Quebecois intelligentsia from which "Lucky" Pierre drew his inspiration, the first thing to go was the Honor of "Queen Scout" that was somewhat equivalent to "Eagle Scout" in the United States. Several slightly older friends of mine who were on the cusp of getting their "Queen Scout" designation were initially denied by Scouts Canada and petitioned the Governor General and her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; to my Knowledge they were the last Queen Scouts in Canada. In the same year that "Lucky" Pierre became Prime Minister, the upper limit for scouts was arbitrarily lowered from 17 to 14 years.

The Scouting that I loved, building our own Canoes, winter camping, survival exercises, long summer hikes, learning new skills that were no longer taught in the school classroom rapidly changed. Before the change, one of our scout leaders was a senior manager with the Emergency Measures Organization and that gave us access to all sorts of equipment, training materials and supplies. A corporate sponsor of our troop had several aircraft, including a DeHavilland Beaver Floatplane that we were given use of occasionally to fly into remote headwaters to canoe down. The Salvation Army Temple that sponsored our troop was equally generous with their facilities and gym/auditorium was also our domain along with our own troop room in their temple/school complex. It did not matter that I was from the Church of England (Episcopalian) or that others in the troop were Catholic or even Jewish. In fact during our acquisition of our religious merit badges we could see parallels between William Booth, who founded the Salvation Army and Lord Baden Powell who founded the Scouting movement.

I did not leave the scouting movement by my own choice; I would prefer to say that Scouts Canada left me and many like me behind in their Marxist-Socialist reengineering program. With the scouting age reduction in 1968 from 17 to 14 and gradual inclusion of girls into Rovers in the early 70's and later into Venturers; it was no longer a place where boys could be boys, despite the Girl Guides still barring boys from their organization, scouting leaders who were uncomfortable having teenaged girls along for overnight excursions no longer got involved with Rovers and later Venturers as the girls joined up. Despite my disillusionment, in my thirties I got involved volunteering time and money with a troop in western Canada that was still operating close to the scouting I remembered. However it soon became obvious that the parent organization of Scouts Canada was taking incrementally larger portions of the boys fundraising efforts and contributing less and less to the actual sustenance of the core of scouting which was meant for the kids.

Scouts Canada left me for good in 1998, It was the culmination of a long planned power grab by the Board of Governors of Scouts Canada; First they removed any democratic control that the Troops had in voting on major issues and unilaterally dictated " to admit females, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals into scouting." Troops that refused to do so were punished; the membership in Scouts Canada has plummeted continually to this very day, as not only are boys discouraged about joining, but the dedicated scouts of yesteryear like myself refuse to have anything to do with the organization. You would be hard pressed to find a modern Lem Siddons as portrayed in the movie "Follow Me Boys"; I watched that movie again last night and think that everybody reading this article should take the time to watch and see what America is losing and already lost.

You may ask what does this seeming self-destruction of the Boy Scouts of America have to do with the NSA scandal, IRS targeting of conservative groups and even earlier harassment of Republican contenders by the same Lois Lerner of IRS fame? They are all symptoms of the socialist takeover of America. It should be noted that during the Bolshevik Revolution the vast majority of Russian Scouts and Scout Leaders remained loyal to the Czar and fought against the Communists, after the revolution they were outlawed and many were either rounded up and killed or lived in exile. The Socialist Young Pioneers were created in its place to indoctrinate the youth in Leninist and later Stalinist ideology.

Similarly Hitler seized the assets of the German Scouting movement and mandated participation in the Hitler Youth promoting the Nazi occult based ideals. Italy, Japan, Hungary, and Romania also disbanded scouting before WWII and it has similarly been banned in most Communist countries. The Russian and German examples were rapid and total takeover of a country by a totalitarian ideology through openly revolutionary events and tactics, despite what the Democrats and their lame stream propaganda outlets will tell you, the Nazi's were NOT a right wing party, it stood for National Socialism, just slightly right of the Communists, which when put into perspective indicates that the Democrats are somewhere between the Nazi's and the Stalinist Communists.

The other road to Socialism/Communism is the gradual infiltration of the Fabian Socialist kind aka Geroge Bernard Shaw See Video. This is best described by Dr. Bella Dodd when she reported in her book 'School of Darkness' quote "In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the (Catholic) Church from within." She was just one committed communist at the time before leaving the party, so the question is how many fellow travelers were anointed by an unholy oil into positions within Boy Scouts of America (and other), organizations striving to instill values that more likely to support a constitutional republic than a socialist dictatorship so that they can be summarily either destroyed or converted into an organ of socialist propaganda and largesse? It should also be noted that Dr. Dodd once was told to phone two multi-millionaires who live in the Waldorf Towers if she lost contact with Moscow, and that it should also be remembered that Leon Trotsky was given $20 million in Jacob Schiff gold to help finance the revolution that killed both the Czar and the Russian Scouting movement when he sailed out of New York in 1917.

Since now the BSA leadership has decided to allow "openly gay" boys in the movement and the term "openly gay" has never been legally defined I can only surmise that it means that the boy can be open about his sexuality. How is this possible in an organization that has no sexual terms of reference and does not promote or condone any sexual activity, let alone of the same sex variety? Will you see two boys in a given troop holding hands and kissing as part of the permitted expression of being "openly gay"? How is this bona fide freedom of expression or speech to be tolerated when it offends other members of the troop's religious and moral principles? All this in an America were the media and others were outraged and offended by people like Tim Tebow being "Openly Christian"; what of the % 70.3 percent of all scouting units in the USA are chartered to faith-based organizations?

Based on the Canadian experience, there will be a massive exodus from the Scouting Movement just like happened in Canada and another victory chalked up to the Socialist Destruction of America as another institution is destroyed from within. During our every sleeping heartbeat, under the cover of darkness the agents of change never sleep, the sod with their bayonets nightly turning; desecrating the graves of our founders, choking the gardens of liberty with the creeping vines of totalitarianism. I am reminded of the Johnny Cash song, "A Man Comes Around" and Maurice Ogdens poem "The Hangman" and enjoin you to watch these videos.

Perhaps Denny Schaffer had it right when he joked about the BSA reinstating a "Queen Scout Award" so that the "Openly Gay" can have their own participation award for being openly gay to offset the bad feelings as the Scouting movement is abandoned by the faith based organizations and individuals that have supported it for over a century; sadly these gay boys are merely being used as cannon fodder, to create another controversy by a subversive organization with an agenda to destroy everything American, in the same manner that the masculine Nazi homosexuals sentenced the more effeminate communist homosexuals to work camps, the Communist created the Young Pioneers as a youth indoctrination vehicle and BSA becomes NSA, No Scouts in America. Two years ago I asked the question in the article "Where is America Headed?" These past few weeks have answered that question.

Desmond McGrath
Rebel without a Pause

© Desmond McGrath


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