Desmond McGrath
Here be dragons: “Intellectual honesty” vs. the “victimology hustle,” Part 1
An open letter to the editor of the Evening Telegram, ‘critical race scholar’ Sulaimon Giwa, Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei, and others in Newfoundland and Labrador Black Lives Matter/cultural Marxism movement
By Desmond McGrath
July 28, 2020

Note to American and Canadian readers who know little about Newfoundland I suggest you read the forward in “The Donald phenomena, human Molotov Cocktail” October 28, 2016 before that election.

As a Newfoundlander who has traveled the world and seen firsthand the myriad Human Conditions on this planet and now resides outside New Orleans, I was initially astounded to see the establishment of a provincial chapter of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and believe fervently BLM really stands for something far more insidious. But when I saw that it was (Memorial University of Newfoundland) MUN-Centric as stated in “20 Questions with critical race scholar Sulaimon Giwa“This revolution has been a long time coming. It is an uprising against anti-black racism. Our black and brown communities are hurting under the crushing weight of systemic oppression and white supremacy(Bolding Mine) quote then made sense as propaganda from the ivory towers of Academia. Newfoundland’s late PK Devine in mid-40’s Courier Magazine Article “Voices, Voices of the Supermen” noted we could protect ourselves from almost any danger, “but could not dig a hole deep enough to protect ourselves from an idea fired out of a high-powered propaganda machine.”

I also note in the Telegram article “Thousands turn out for Black Lives Matter NL rally in St. John's” (No visible social distancing) that one of the other speakers Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei, “We are talking about a system that has been developed over 400 years (Bolding Mine) that continue to treat black people as disposable material ….,” he said. “I want to bring that conversation here to Newfoundland because oftentimes, the danger of talking about anti-black racism is we often point fingers at what is happening in the United States and in the process, we ignore what is also happening in our home here.”

What I personally find odd is that this is pointed primarily to the United States, secondarily Canada or Europe and not at the far more rampant oppression and slavery elsewhere in the world! No mention of The UN, where rights abusers get to be on the human rights council like Venezuela or China.

I find it ironic that two late friends of mine, Lanier Phillips (Son of a Black Sharecropper, Lanier’s school was burned by Democratic President Woodrow Wilsons revitalized Klu Klux Klan) and Philip Riteman (Only surviving member of a large Jewish Family exterminated by the Nazi’s, whose education was similarly thwarted) both felt “humanity rain down” on them in Newfoundland after respectively surviving a shipwreck and Auschwitz concentration camp. Philip ended up in Newfoundland because the Hitler fawning William Lyon Mckenzie King’s administration considered that “None was Too Many” Jews. TEDxSTJOHNS – Philip Riteman – A Life Beyond Hatred on YouTube is a must see as is 16x9 – True Colours: African American finds warmth, not racism, in Canada. (Note Newfoundland was its own country at the time) To Quote Philip Riteman “It's better to love than hate; don’t you ever hate anybody. By love you conquer the world, by hate you destroy the world and you only destroy yourself.” Quoting a letter from a Canadian Judge “Every Canadian Citizen should read the book (Millions of Souls: The Philip Riteman Story) to more cherish Newfoundlanders than before.”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” – Martin Luther King Jr

I also find it ironic that “Critical Race Scholar” Sulaimon Giwa lists the Shawshank Redemption as his favorite movie, considering actor Morgan Freeman told Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes that he did not want “a Black History Month” and that the “best way to end Racism is to stop talking about it”. I note that Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei had a paper published “RACE TO THE BOTTOM: OBAMA'S PRESIDENCY, TRUMP'S ELECTION VICTORY, AND THE PERCEIVED INSIDIOUS GREED OF WHITENESS” Adjei, Paul Banahene. Race, Gender & Class; New Orleans Vol. 25, Iss. 3/4, (2018): 43-67.

    The purpose of this article is to place President Trump's election victory in a broader context of examining critically the extent to which many White people will go to protect whiteness (Bolding Mine). It is argued that the concern with many White people is not their whiteness but their possessive investment in it. Thus, even against their moral judgement and principles, many Whites are willing to vote for far-rights candidates inasmuch as these candidates promise to protect Whites' interests and privileges. The article argues that there is racial greed in Euro-American Canadian societies to protect Whites' dominance and interest no matter the cost. Contrary to the popular narrations, the White working class voters did not elect President Trump; Whites in every social category of the United States voted overwhelmingly for Trump. For many White voters, the future safety and security of Whiteness is more important than any personal discomfort they may have about far-right candidates and their racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic rhetoric.” (I will challenge this later)

Here these two particular intellectuals in Newfoundland’s near bankrupt towers of higher academia are using terms like “White Supremacy” and “Whiteness” not unlike South African Politician, EFF leader Julius Malema who announced 'We are cutting the throat of whiteness' It is my opinion and the opinion of many others, that these and other phrases like Social Justice, Climate Justice are all buzzwords for Cultural Marxism. So, the question can be asked, do we have a school of Social Work at MUN or a school of Socialist indoctrination? I personally feel all those “White” referencing statements to be ‘Racist’ and ‘Hate mongering’. While the myopic vision of Cultural Marxism, dictates only ‘Whites are racist’! As discussed in “When ‘Diversity Training’ Is All About Feeding Racism” by Christopher F. Rufo New York Post July 10, 2020”

    The discussion around the idea that black Americans are reducible to the essential quality of “blackness” and white Americans are reducible to “whiteness” — that is, the new metaphysics of good and evil.

    The trainers explain that white people have internalized a sense of racial superiority, which has made them unable to access their “humanity” and caused “harm and violence” to minorities. The trainers claim that “individualism,” “perfectionism,” “intellectualization” and “objectivity” are all vestiges of this internalized racism and must be abandoned in favor of social-justice principles.

In “Social Justice and the Academy” by William H. Young January 31, 2013 note the following:

    In its report The Scandal of Social Work Education, NAS defined what “social justice” has come to mean in the American academy:

    Use of the term “social justice” today generally equates with the advocacy of more egalitarian access to income through state-sponsored redistribution. The phrase is also frequently used to justify new entitlement rights for individuals and whole categories of people, i.e., legally enforceable claims of individuals or groups against the state itself. (Bolding Mine)

    The concept of social justice to meliorate the unequal outcomes of capitalism became the basis for twentieth-century American progressivism, which flowed from new academic social and political science based on social “constructionism,” which I discussed last week in Social Justice and Human Nature, and from Herbert Croly’s The Promise of American Life (1909). The progressive state redistributes wealth and other resources to achieve economic and social justice for the disadvantaged. (Bolding Mine)

    The American academy was later also imbued with the social justice of cultural Marxism introduced by Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci in the 1960s and 1970s. Gramsci’s declared goal was to transfer power from the privileged to the marginalized groups and classes. In cultural Marxism, white males replace capitalists as the oppressors and minorities and women replace workers as the oppressed. Group rights and preferences and identity-group power are the way to social justice.

I grew up in Deer Lake, St. John’s and Corner Brook and spent a great deal of time in Harbour Grace at my Grandmother, Alice Isabel (Cron) McGrath’s childhood home. I remember well George Faulkner’s Conception Bay Cee Bees and the Legendary Corner Brook Royals of the 60’s. The Royals two most storied players in the 60’s, were Clobie “Jet” Collins and Frank “Danky” Dorrington. If you read “Herder Memorial Trophy A History of Senior Hockey in Newfoundland and Labrador” By Bill Abbott, 2000, you will find no mention of the words Black or Afro-Canadian or Negro. In reality the only contrasting colours that we saw was the red blood on the white ice after a fight, injury or an accident. There was no difference in the colour of the red blood regardless if it came from Jet, Danky, Bert Brake or Jake Critch and the only way you would now know the colour of Jet or Danky’s skin is from the photos when they won the Herder Memorial Championship, because it was never mentioned on radio or in the press.

The Newfoundland Amateur Hockey Association (NAHA) was founded on December 20, 1935 in the St. John's Law offices of McGrath (My then late Grandfather, Thomas Scanlon McGrath) & Furlong (Robert S. Furlong) at 315 Duckworth Street to govern hockey in all regions of Newfoundland. Furlong was the first President of NAHA and kept that position until 1952. “Uncle Bob” was good friends with Ralph Herder who created the Herder Trophy that same year in memory of the Herder brothers/family, three of whom fought in France in WWI, with two paying the supreme sacrifice and Ralph himself was seriously wounded at Beaumont Hamel on July 1st 1916. MUN’s forerunner, Memorial University College was created on 1925 to honour the WWI dead. Corner Brook won the first Herder in 1935 and did not win again until Jet and Danky led them to victory in 1962.

Elias Tuma donated the S.E. Tuma Trophy in 1968 in honour of his father to be awarded to the highest scorer in the Herder playoffs. One of S.E. Tuma’s (Born in Baalbek, Lebanon) 1880 – 1944 quotes was ‘the game of hockey shows a man's true character’ decades before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Danky won that trophy three times and Saturday January 22, 1972 was declared Frank “Danky” Dorrington Day by the City of Corner Brook. Danky’s desire was to have his ashes buried at center ice of Humber Garden but by the time he had passed Humber Gardens was a Grocery Store and his now late wife Angie, who started Corner Brooks first figure skating club, Silver Blades, then had some of them placed inside his Jersey at the Civic Center.

If you read “An oasis of kindness on 9/11: This town welcomed 6,700 strangers amid terror attacks” USA Today Sept 8, 2017 this is quoted:

    “No matter where you go people are good. I truly believe that in my heart. There’s 1% arseholes everywhere and if this happened where you live, you would help,” says Karen Mills, 54, manager of the Comfort Inn in Gander. “But Newfoundlanders, we’re a different breed in a lot of ways."

Over the past 18+ years since 9-11, as I traveled, occasionally wearing a Newfoundland Labeled Shirt, I was amazed the number who came up to me and commented how they or a family member was stuck in Gander, St. John’s or elsewhere and how well they were treated. It was Gander that received the greatest number of people per Capita. Coincidentally, I was in the Hills of West Virginia working and on Labour Day 2018 I was bicycling the Old Railway trail outside Cairo, WV and ran into a bi-racial couple (white husband and coloured wife) at “The Haunted Silver Run Train Tunnel”. She started gushing over the play “Come From Away” which they had seen in New York and then She said “it brought tears to my eyes because my first husband was killed in the Arrow Air Crash at Gander and I spent over two weeks there after the crash; I never felt so genuinely loved and cared for in my entire life”

    “He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour: but he that seeketh mischief, it shall come unto him.” Proverbs 11:27

Here be Dragons

In the early days of Transoceanic voyages in the unknown corners of the once flat earth’s oceans there were cartographic notations "Here be dragons" to fictionalize their lack of knowledge of that region and those who seek dragons always claim to have found them. Just like the Narwhal Tusk that Martin Frobisher found in Labrador that became “Elizabeth I’s Magical Unicorn Horn”

In ancient Rome the cartographers of the African Continent noted Hic Sunt Leones, “Here be Lions” to describe Terra Incognita. To Sulaimon Giwa, Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei and others in the Newfoundland and Labrador BLM Movement, I would suggest that Newfoundland (Terra Nova) is Terra Incognita for Systemic Racism or White Supremacy and they are fabricating dragons and lions to bolster their message of “Cultural Marxism” not much different than what Richard L. Cravatts in the Times of Israel calls out Al Sharpton’s ‘Victimology Hustle’ aka being a professional bleeding heart for profit. It was not that long ago in Newfoundland that St John’s/Andy Wells was the only Capital City Hall/Mayor in Canada to raise the Tibetan Flag in protest over China’s ruthless occupation of Tibet only be severely criticized by many in the Newfoundland and greater Canadian business community plus the Sino-sympathizing political elite.

“We are talking about a system that has been developed over 400 years” Dr. Paul Banahene Adje

I personally find that statement highly disconcerting from a scholar at MUN tasked with enlightening and educating future generations. Where does the 400 Year demarcation come from? Perhaps the ‘Faux’ 1619 project from the same NY Times that denied Hitler’s Holocaust, Stalin’s Holodomor and conveniently ignores the ongoing Plaasmoorde (Farm Murders) in the same South Africa where Julius Malema talked about “Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”? in History Killers: The Academic Fraudulence of the 1619 Project July 7, 2020 by James M. Masnov states:

    As they deconstruct you and the world around you, reducing history and science to a glowing pile of embers, they claim that your very words are violence and your very thoughts dangerous.

NOTE: Watch the “Science Must Fall?” Video from South Africa talking about ‘Decolonizing the Mind’ and Aggressive fallist from the "Shackville TRC" claims science must be "done away with entirely" and "start over again." Now “Rutgers Declares Grammar Racist”

    The Rutgers English department created a Committee on Bias Awareness and Prevention in 2012. In light of Black Lives Matter protests, the school has moved past bias awareness and prevention and into a focus on "decolonization." Walkowitz's email talks of "decolonizing the writing center." The department offers a specific internship titled "Decolonizing the Writing Center" to "make the writing centers more linguistically diverse."

Nikole Hannah-Jones was awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for the 1619 Project in the same manner that Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer-Winning Lies about Stalin’s Holodomor awarded him his. This point is abundantly reinforced by former NY Times OpEd writer/editor Bari Weiss’s resignation letter.

    “…lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else….

    …I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative…

    …Why edit something challenging to our readers, or write something bold only to go through the numbing process of making it ideologically kosher, when we can assure ourselves of job security (and clicks) by publishing our 4000th op-ed arguing that Donald Trump is a unique danger to the country and the world? And so self-censorship has become the norm.”

Yet so many prominent Black Americans like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder or Bob Woodson (see and many true historians decry journalist Hannah-Jones falsehoods in the same manner that they and others for decades have tried to have Duranty’s Pulitzer prize rescinded. Both Prizes were awarded for little more than Marxist-Leninist AgitProp, Now even the “Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize”

    Where Lenin lies the red flag flies, and the rat-grey workers wait

    To tread the gloom of Lenin's Tomb, where the Comrade lies in state – Robert Service

Where is this mysterious source of secret knowledge? Senator Tim Kaine (D., Va.) seemed to have access to the same source when he claimed during a speech on the Senate floor that the United States “created” slavery and “didn’t inherit slavery from anybody.” Was Senator Kaine referring to the fact that Squanto who had previously spent time in Newfoundland after being rescued from slavery by Franciscan Monks in Spain; was enslaved again by the Wampanoag prior to meeting with the Pilgrims who secured his final freedom? Ignoring that the Quaker and Puritanical ideological descendants of these Pilgrims were the initial fiery opponents to North American slavery! Clearly Senator Kaine has not read Exodus or studied any real history of slavery or its continued oppressive existence to this very day. The United States did not rebel against the crown to preserve slavery in 1776, but rather against the socioeconomic slavery of the British East India Company who went on to enslave India and China with their private army funded by the Tea, Spice, Slave and Opium trades. In “India: The Last Battle of the American Revolutionary War” some of this background is discussed.

Clearly, the Romans had slaves as depicted by a sculpture in the Louvre that was found in modern day Turkey in the early 20th Century.

What about the Times of Israel article “The silence about black slavery in the Arab world” by David Meir June 16, 2019; is this suppressed under the guise of “Islamophobia”?:

    All I am trying to understand, is why the Arabo-Muslim black slave trade, which lasted much longer [started before the 8th century – comment Mine], had a much wider scope and killed millions of blacks more than its American counterpart is a taboo and is not taught in the West, be it in America or Europe.

Then there was the White Slave trade where 1.25 million Europeans were enslaved by Barbary corsairs or Salle Rovers who by some accounts may have even made raids as far away as the shores of Newfoundland. More Islamophobia/Cultural Marxism imposed suppression of the truth?

As I discussed in my piece, Memorial-less Day weekend in New Orleans featuring The Mouse that Roared; this question is NEVER ever discussed: Did Black People Own Slaves? Henry Louis (Skip) Gates Jr. The Root,

    …In a fascinating essay reviewing this controversy, R. Halliburton shows that free black people have owned slaves "in each of the thirteen original states and later in every state that countenanced slavery," at least since Anthony Johnson and his wife Mary [Both Black, Comment Mine] went to court in Virginia in 1654 to obtain the services of their indentured servant, a black man, John Castor, for life…

    And for a time, free black people could even "own" the services of white indentured servants in Virginia as well. Free blacks owned slaves in Boston by 1724 and in Connecticut by 1783; by 1790, 48 black people in Maryland owned 143 slaves. One particularly notorious black Maryland farmer named Nat Butler "regularly purchased and sold Negroes for the Southern trade,"...

    ...Nevertheless, it is a very sad aspect of African-American history that slavery sometimes could be a colorblind affair, and that the evil business of owning another human being could manifest itself in both males and females, and in black as well as white. (Bold Emphasis Mine)

Note the following in the New York Times Op-Ed Ending the Slavery Blame-Game By Henry Louis (Skip) Gates Jr. April 22, 2010:

    “The historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders. The sad truth is that without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred.” …

    “Fortunately, in President Obama, the child of an African and an American, we finally have a leader who is uniquely positioned to bridge the great reparations divide. He is uniquely placed to publicly attribute responsibility and culpability where they truly belong, to white people and black people, on both sides of the Atlantic, complicit alike in one of the greatest evils in the history of civilization. And reaching that understanding is a vital precursor to any just and lasting agreement on the divisive issue of slavery reparations”.

    Authors Note: Despite receiving the Nobel Peace Prize; Barak Obama did nothing and only made matters worse and agitated the rift channeling so-called reparations using other vehicles. See “Pigford: The Unexamined Obama Administration Scandal”

None of these slavery points or the violent Black on Black crime in Chicago and other cities are ever discussed; where does this leave the BLM’s Orwellian NewSpeak “Silence Is Compliance”? I would suggest “Silence Is Compliance”; “only when molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.” As Bari Weiss suggests.

As recently as the attempted ISIS Caliphate or the Nigerian Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping by Boko Haram (whom Hilary Clinton, while Secretary of State, refused to declare a terrorist group) who also practice slavery as discussed in the CNN article “Boko Haram: The essence of terror” by Tim Lister, Wed October 22, 2014 "Slavery is allowed in my religion, and I shall capture people and make them slaves," Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram. The Article further states "most Nigerians are poorer today than they were at independence in 1960 ... and the government is unable to provide security, good roads, water, health and reliable education." Is this due to 60 years of Oppression under White Supremacy? I think not! Note the Opinion: Under Mugabe, Zim people became worse off than under Ian Smith's rule By Thyagaraj Markandan, Sep 16, 2019

In 2012, Nigeria was estimated to have lost over $400 billion to corruption since independence. In 2018, the country ranked 144th in the 180 countries listed in Transparency International's Corruption Index (with Somalia, at 180th, being the most corrupt, and Denmark the least). In Louisiana you have to look no further than former Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson. Jefferson co-chaired the Africa Trade and Investment Caucus and the Congressional Caucus on Nigeria while sitting in Congress. During the investigation that led to his conviction, FBI officials famously found $90,000 in cash stashed in his freezer, or former New Orleans Mayor Ray ”Chocolate City” Naquin who just got out of jail early due to Covid-19 from his corruption conviction. The vast majority of the Black on Black crime in the USA occurs in cities that have been controlled by Black and White Democrats working in unison for longer than Mugabe controlled Zimbabwe, Mbasogo – Equatorial New Guinea, Al-Bashir – Sudan, Dos Santos – Angola, Sese Seko – the Democratic Republic of the Congo or the Chinese Communist Party – China and Tibet. Is it any wonder that Minneapolis is nicknamed “Little Mogadishu”?

I find it incredibly ironic that Rural Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly the inshore fishery are far worse off than in 1949 with the Government now on the verge of bankruptcy like 90 years ago and MUN itself having financial troubles only to note that ‘Critical race scholar’ Sulaimon Giwa, received funding from Memorial’s office of public engagement to look at whether uniformed police officers should be allowed to participate in the St. John’s Pride Parade. This gets to the Oxymoronic Dystopia of the “Black Lives Matter” movement as evidenced by the two demand pages of the Toronto Black Lives Matter: Defund the Police – Demands and other Demands. I suggest you read both:

From the Former:

    We are working toward the abolition of the police and toward a society where we can all be safe. While this is focused on law enforcement, we are also calling to defund jails, prisons, immigration detention centres, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).

From the Latter:


    The Canadian government must make an immediate public condemnation of the executive order by President Trump that bans Muslim visa-holders from seven countries and also bans all refugees from entering the US.

    Canada must immediately open the Canada-USA border. This includes revocation of the Safe Third Country Agreement which bars most refugee claimants entering from the United States over land to claim asylum in Canada. The Designated Country of Origin list, which makes it almost impossible for US citizens and citizens of forty other countries to claim asylum in Canada, must be eliminated.

    Canada must end racist, anti-refugee, anti-Black, Islamophobic exclusion of migrants and refugees within this colonial border. This includes ending the system of indefinite immigration detention. The federal government must create a regularization program so that all undocumented residents can live here with their families rather than fear mass deportation. Migrant workers in Canada must also be given permanent status and open work permits. We want real, not symbolic, Sanctuaries that guarantee access to services and refuse collaboration with Canadian and American border agents.

    Canada must rescind all federal legislation that attacks racialized Black and Brown Muslims and refugees, including the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act as well as anti-terror legislation such as Security Certificates and Bill C51.

Despite being revised in the past month; NO MENTION OF GEORGE FLOYD? In fact, the general demands page reads like a shopping list from the United Nations Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration. 10 — 11 December 2018. Marrakech, Morocco. Here is a lengthy video explanation of this compact, it is best summed up at 1:23 that decisions as to who comes into a country leaves the nation state and goes to an unelected bureaucracy in the United Nations.

The interesting fact is that Toronto welcomed 118,000 immigrants last year out of 341,180 and note that the population of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1949 when only ½ the population voted to join Canada was of 313,000, plus 5,200 in Labrador.

The vast majority of sane and rational Americans and Canadians regardless of race, creed or country of birth would take exception to these demand statements, yet this appears to be just a continuation of what I discussed in “Iqra Khalid succeeds in getting the Camel's nose of Islamophobia into the tent of Free Speech” ; The curious thing is that Ms. Khalid is a dual Canadian and Pakistani citizen as discussed in the CBC article “As Australia ousts MPs with dual citizenship, Canada's Parliament embraces many in its ranks” Did she propose the anti-Islamophobia motion M-103 as a citizen of Pakistan and alleged Muslim Brotherhood devotee or as a Canadian Citizen? See: Muslim Brotherhood Has “Infiltrated Canadian Government, Society”: Ex- Muslim Journalist. I also discussed the ramifications of all this in my article; “Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction?” I suggest you read both my articles later as I was talking about “Immigration by Design” 5 years ago in the latter one regarding the Paris Terrorism Attacks.

    “the French President who has now closed his barn door following the bloody zabinah of sheople who believed the propaganda of their political apologists for radical Islam that the open borders of fortress EU would protect them from the jihadi wolves who are only that way because they don't have a job.”

I suggest that all this BLM Propaganda has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter and is all Revolutionary Parliamentarism as described by G. Edward Griffin and has Trudeau the Younger already bought into the plan?


    The majority of the population knows nothing of this and is caught in the middle. They look "above" and see government spokesmen calling for legislation for some new expansion of their power. They look "below" and, with the help of the mass media, see angry demonstrators shouting for the same thing. They say to themselves, "Has everyone gone crazy? Or have I?" They may still be in the majority by far, but they don't know it. They think they are hopelessly outnumbered, and they bow to what they believe is the democratic will of the majority.

I find it tragically Ironic that Sulaimon Giwa who escaped the unjust and brutal Islamic Sharia punishment for Homosexuality in Nigeria would support a group that wants to eliminate the “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act as well as anti-terror legislation”. Because in addition to Sharia Law punishment for homosexuality, Nigeria, due to its large population, has the highest absolute number of female genital mutilations (FGM) worldwide, (is that not a brutal form of systemic abuse and misogynistic slavery?) accounting for about one-quarter of the estimated 115–130 million circumcised women in the world. It has nothing to do with “Whiteness” and “White Supremacy”!

The Left in the US always rabidly decries any election ID system, and now promotes ID-less ballot collection, see “How Ballot-Harvesting Became The New Way To Steal An Election”- The Federalist. Note that Ghana a country much freer that Nigeria has implemented a Biometric Voter ID system for the Dec 7th 2020 Elections that uses fingerprints and facial recognition while the hard left in the USA are now pushing Mail in Ballots with no proper verification to promote nationwide ID-Less voting and ballot harvesting.

In Ghana educated Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei’s paper “RACE TO THE BOTTOM" You would get the impression that Donald J Trump is the poster boy for worldwide White Supremacy while only black and brown Americans or Canadians are still enslaved. The following graphics give a different story;

You can find the faces of White Supremacy here:

As I discussed in my article “Colin Kaepernick, Nike's indentured poster boy Marxist. Another useful idiot for the Globalist Elite.”; When the NFL resumes this fall (I will be boycotting) and the players kneel to the Anthem; the real Irony will be that players of all colours will be clothed in the fruits of Slave Labor!

When I read “BLM leader proposes 5-year plan to totally eliminate police: 'Complete abolition' along with scrapping of military bases abroad” I see that BLM is taking a knee for Sino Supremacy and strategic Djibouti, a microcosm of China’s growing foothold in Africa is heralding in a Sino/Neo colonialism in Africa with China’s first overseas Military Base, while Democracy is stamped out in Hong Kong and the South China Sea gets Militarized/Seized all the way to Brunei. I suggest you read/watch Pakistan “defunded the police.” Here’s how that turned out by Raheel Raza, June 29, 2020. In the Black Live Matter Toronto Demands. It talks about “Canada must end racist, anti-refugee, anti-Black, Islamophobic exclusion of migrants and refugees within this colonial border” Colony of whom? China, the United Nations or the New World Order?

In contradistinction to Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei paper “RACE TO THE BOTTOM:" an opposite story can be found in “A FAILED PRESIDENCY, The day Barack Obama launched Black Lives Matter” by Jack Cashill and Black Lives Matter Was Violent From The Start, And Media And Politicians Knew It

    By the end of a year five police officers were killed and dozens wounded and hospitalized by Black Lives Matter radicals, BuzzFeed fondly looked back on 2016 as 'the year Black Lives Matter went global.'

The violence around the BLM movement that has erupted now before the election this fall is no different than that which erupted after Trump’s Victory and Hillary’s defeat as I discussed in “The Donald tsunami angers George Soros's useful idiots in the urban swamps, From the Beat Generation to the Beat You Generation!” November 21, 2016; there I suggested that Trump’s “Counter Revolutionary Movements [will be] branded as Racism.” More irony in Nov 2016 as reported by KIRO7 TV: Most of arrested Portland protesters didn't vote in Oregon and only 34 of the 112 protesters did vote meaning that 29.5% were allegedly protesting because their candidate lost and the majority 70.5% were protesting something they had not democratically participated in. This is rightly the definition of a Mobocracy as discussed in Which is it? A democracy, mobocracy or republic? by Colleen Britton. I suggest it is a Mobocracy of Anarchists who decry free speech. Gay minority reporter Andy Ngo recently wrote in the New York Post “Portland protests have no goal except violence and anarchy” July 24th 2020 was severely beaten a year earlier by Antifa as described in the CNN article “We need to pay attention to the attack on Andy Ngo” By James A. Gagliano Tue July 2, 2019. The image below was leading up to where Antifa was successful in having (University of British Columbia) “UBC event cancelled, debate continues about free expression on campus” Jennifer Saltman Jan 03, 2020, Vancouver Sun.

    “I was invited by the free speech group at the University of British Columbia to speak this month about antifa’s violent extremism. UBC has informed the organizers the event is cancelled because of security concerns. Antifa groups had promised violence.” Andy Ngo

Is this any different than “Arizona: Muslim Students Threaten to Kill Prof for Suggesting Islam Is Violent”? By Robert Spencer and now “Federal agents likely permanently blinded by Portland protesters’ lasers, White House says” So free speech is suppressed by threats of and acts of violence.

Cliff Kincaid writes “Barack Hussein Obama is running for a third term” but now for a second time as the corrupt efforts to get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016 did not work. As predicted in Obama’s Shadow Government Is Organizing To Undermine Trump by John Daniel Davidson, February 16, 2017, the evidence is mounting every day; as BLM Co-Founder Admits; "We Are Trained Marxists". Contrary to Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei learned paper, the American people did not reject Barack Obama due to racism or the colour of his skin but on the Marxist content of his message and policies. Under Obama, Democrats suffer largest loss in power since Eisenhower. Despite “Van Jones on a Trump win: This was a white lash” Hillary Clinton was not rejected by the colour of her skin or gender but rather the content of her character lumping Trump supporters in 'basket of deplorables... along with public revulsion at ethically challenged activities and proclivities that have for decades swarmed around her and husband ‘Slick Willy’ like flies at an overflowing outhouse on a hot summer day as discussed in “Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal”.

To Be Continued in Part 2


Every Man Should Have A Rifle
By Henry Lawson

So I sit and write and ponder, while the house is deaf and dumb,
Seeing visions over yonder of the war I know must come.
In the corner – not a vision – but a sign for coming days
Stand a box of ammunition and a rifle in green baize.
And in this, the living present, let the word go through the land,
Every tradesman, clerk and peasant should have these two things at hand.

No – no ranting song is needed, and no meeting, flag or fuss –
In the future, still unheeded, shall the spirit come to us!
Without feathers, drum or riot on the day that is to be,
We shall march down, very quiet, to our stations by the sea.
While the bitter parties stifle every voice that warns of war,
Every man should own a rifle and have cartridges in store!

Part 2, BLM-Bolshevik Liberation Movement

© Desmond McGrath


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Desmond McGrath

Desmond is a Petroleum Engineer by training with a BSc. (Honors) from Montana Tech as well as two technical diplomas in the area of Hydraulics, Instrumentation and Petroleum Technology... (more)


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