Jen Shroder
Prop 8 justice: The people are too stupid to vote
By Jen Shroder
March 5, 2009

Shockingly, the discussion between the California Supreme Court and Kenneth Starr has turned into the argument that the California voters were unable to read our own voter information when we voted for Prop. 8! It is argued the information in the rebuttal regarding the validity of marriages already in place is too obscure.

In other words, it seems the Justices are looking to disallow Prop 8 with the excuse that Californians are too stupid to read our own voter information and don't understand what we are voting for! That we "can't be expected" to find the language addressing current marriages in the rebuttal.

We PAID for that voter information to be delivered. We took the time to read it and we voted, only to be told we are not smart enough to comprehend the information??? We have voted against gay marriage time after time after time. The will of the PEOPLE is clear and yet appears to be disregarded and overruled again. THIS IS TYRANNY.

What happens with Proposition 8 will effect the entire country. Our nation is being stripped of all liberty under the guise that THE PEOPLE are TOO STUPID to vote!

FAIRNESS has also become an issue for those who rushed to the altar, even as a petition for Proposition 8 was being formed. If FAIRNESS is the issue, what about the lack of fairness should Prop 8 be denied?

In addition to tyranny over the will of the People, how FAIR is it that everyone's children be forced to receive sexually explicit materials promoting homosexuality in our classrooms?

Marriage is a legal agreement to provide for children. That is not an issue for homosexuals. Gay activists have stated they want the legitimacy of marriage, but it is also used as a club to impose gay material in public schools. Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy presented to the California State Assembly this excerpt found in Los Angeles schools: In "Young, Gay, & Proud," the author writes: "There are a lots of ways for gay men to have enjoyable sex. ... It's up to you to find out what you like and how you like to do it. ... Jerking off is a fun, safe and healthy way for guys to enjoy our bodies and fantasies." The author goes on to provide explicit details of how "gay men can make love." A note of encouragement follows profanity-laced tips on performing anal sex: "You may have to practice a bit before it starts feeling really good." [1]

What about the parents that have been arrested and threatened with arrest if they attempt to remove their children from pro-gay activities? What about the pastors who are threatened with lawsuits if they don't perform the marriages of gay couples? How fair will it be if pastors must step down rather than disobey God? Or are accused of hate speech if they read from Romans in the Bible? To ignore the "unintended consequences" and argue that what the People enacted is invalid because we are too stupid to read the voter information is outrageous! Worse, it's tyranny.

Please pray the Justices uphold Prop. 8 and protect our children. And if they do, please pray for me, because every outspoken conservative is already targeted, and the rage will be real.


[1]  Lawmakers 'sanction' use of district-approved 'porn'

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