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Toby Westerman
Mr. Toby Westerman is editor and publisher of International News Analysis Today ( Since 1996, Westerman has used English and foreign language materials to bring to public attention general trends and specific events that pose dangers to the American public but are either ignored or superficially treated by the centralized media.

Westerman has been a leader in establishing the connection between the neo-communist movement and militant fundamentalist Islam.

Westerman's work has included bringing to the attention of the general public the activities of the "Wasp Network," a Cuban espionage ring operating in Florida, whose activities included spying on pro-democracy Cuban exiles and U.S. military personnel. Westerman's writing exposed the Chinese-Cuban alliance, including Beijing's sophisticated electronic surveillance base on the island, and he has explored pro-Marxist activities near the U.S. border and within the U.S. itself.

His latest work is Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire: Origins and Direction.

The Cuban empire
Toby Westerman
October 30, 2019

In America there is some awareness of the military threat posed by Russia and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). There have been warnings from the U.S. . . .

Blind eyes: The agony of Venezuela
Toby Westerman
May 22, 2019

Revolutionary violence has joined starvation, death, and the presence of foreign troops as part of everyday life for the people of oil-rich Venezuela. "21st . . .

China, Russia, and Tucker Carlson
Toby Westerman
July 2, 2018

Tucker Carlson hosts one of the most informative news/commentary shows on television. His recent segments on China provide valuable insights into the very real . . .

It is ideology
Toby Westerman
January 30, 2018

An article entitled "The New Era of Global Stability" recently appearing in the Wall Street Journal, first published by the Hudson Institute, argues that a "new . . .

'Noble purpose,' terror famine, and continuing influence of the 'greatest liar'
Toby Westerman
January 10, 2018

Red Famine, the latest book by Soviet/Russian expert Anne Applebaum, skillfully combines the hard facts and numbers of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's terror . . .

The New York Times strikes again -- says Russian propaganda war 'may be impossible to stop'
Toby Westerman
October 19, 2017

The New York Times is nothing if not consistent. The so-called "newspaper of record" has spent decades giving support to the propaganda efforts of Moscow and . . .

At last! DIA: Russia and Peoples Republic "work against" U.S.
Toby Westerman
August 6, 2017

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China are "working against" the interests of the . . .

Putin and Soviet "truth"
Toby Westerman
May 24, 2017

The strains of the stirring martial music have faded away, so to the rumbling of tanks, personnel carriers and the well-timed clacking of boots on Red Square to . . .

Putin and the plaque
Toby Westerman
April 26, 2017

Putin's Russia is on the move. Despite the embarrassment of America's recent attack on two Syrian airbases, Moscow continues its military alliance with the . . .

Bear in the living room
Toby Westerman
November 22, 2016

With the appointment of the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael T. Flynn, to the post of President-elect Donald Trump's national . . .

Leponto, Putin, and the next U.S. president
Toby Westerman
October 14, 2016

The anniversary of the sixteenth century battle has passed, but America could – and must – learn a vital lesson from the famous battle of . . .

Russia's propaganda war against the United States: the Russian perspective
Toby Westerman
April 29, 2016

Although there are predictions of the coming collapse of the Putin government, remarks by an influential Russian government official on an official Russian news . . .

Russia gloats as America weakens
Toby Westerman
March 2, 2016

The Russian press is gloating over the decline of U.S. naval power and growing strength of Russian naval forces in the Pacific. In an article on the . . .

Let's be honest: Putin is a Stalinist
Toby Westerman
February 9, 2016

While generally acknowledging some of Russian President Vladimir Putin's more negative traits – the assassination of opponents, the tendency to invade . . .

Putin love and the S-300s
Toby Westerman
January 4, 2016

Russian president Vladimir Putin is enjoying unexpected popularity among the American political and governmental elite. Sharing the love with Putin is not only . . .

Putin and his wilderness of mirrors
Toby Westerman
December 16, 2015

During the Cold War, the controversial CIA counterintelligence expert James Angleton compared dealing with the Soviet Union and its spies to finding oneself in . . .

Islamic total war -- and the winner is...
Toby Westerman
November 24, 2015

A recent article on a popular German news site describes an Islamic seven-stage plan which is intended to lead to Islamic world domination. Supposedly we are in . . .

Holiday for spies
Toby Westerman
November 13, 2015

Americans praise the bravery and sacrifice of those who have and are defending the nation. Left unsung, and even regarded with suspicion, are the members of . . .

Putin's Syria move
Toby Westerman
September 30, 2015

The fumbling of U.S. policy in the Near East has made Putin's intervention into Syria a necessity. Putin would rather work through Western surrogates to save . . .

Making tyranny cool
Toby Westerman
August 25, 2015

In early August, several media outlets reported on what seemed to be a comical, if not downright weird, occurrence: a contest encouraged by the Communist Party . . .

Europe prepares for war
Toby Westerman
June 23, 2015

Recent large scale NATO maneuvers – the largest since the "end" of the Cold War – are meant to demonstrate to Russia that the NATO alliance can and . . .

Transatlantic attack on U.S. police
Toby Westerman
June 11, 2015

There is a transatlantic attack on the system of local policing in the United States. Liberal politicians in the United States are now joined by liberal British . . .

Don't know much about history -- and about to pay for it
Toby Westerman
May 23, 2015

In 1960, Sam Cooke released a hit song which began with the words "Don't know much about history." Beginning in 1990, Kenneth C. Davis began a popular series of . . .

Cold war? How uncool
Toby Westerman
March 30, 2015

Relax, there will be no revival of the Cold War. "The new generation doesn't believe in a new Cold War," according to an article in the online version of The . . .

The vulnerability of Putin and his bomb
Toby Westerman
March 18, 2015

The media have been alive with reports that Russian president Vladimir Putin was ready to use atomic weapons if the West forcefully intervened to prevent Moscow . . .

Murder incorporated in the Kremlin
Toby Westerman
February 28, 2015

It looked like Murder Incorporated was back in business in Moscow as a car swept passed a leading political opponent of Russian president Vladimir Putin and . . .

Muslim fanatics and the canary
Toby Westerman
January 27, 2015

Before the advent of modern sensing devices, miners would use canaries to warn of the presence of the colorless, odorless gases which might build up inside . . .

Jesus is with us, whether the left likes it or not
Toby Westerman
December 16, 2014

The assault on Christmas continues and appears to be gaining ground. "Happy Holidays" and other vapid greetings have all but replaced Merry Christmas. . . .

The "new" Cold War and the partition of Ukraine
Toby Westerman
November 13, 2014

There are reports that Russian tanks are again rumbling into Ukraine. Separatists in eastern Ukraine are looking for other cities and regions to join them. The . . .

Ebola, ISIS, and Putin
Toby Westerman
October 30, 2014

The nation is justifiably alarmed at the appearance of Ebola in the U.S., especially in the nation's most crowded city. ISIS, a band of vicious, land-grabbing . . .

Putin's Ukraine reset
Toby Westerman
August 29, 2014

The invasion of southeastern Ukraine is the latest indicator of how Russian president Vladimir Putin regards the "reset" of relations with the United States, . . .

Putin's pride -- danger for the world
Toby Westerman
August 23, 2014

As the Obama administrations draws down our forces to pre-WWII levels, and even front-line military officers are dismissed when in action against the enemy, . . .

The Associated Press and Cuban tyranny
Toby Westerman
August 7, 2014

The Associated Press recently published a detailed exposé on a U.S. anti-Communist effort in the tropical gulag of Cuba. The AP appeared horrified that the . . .

Russia declares U.S. second rate
Toby Westerman
July 10, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza states in his book, America, Imagine A World Without Her, and in the film of the same title, that U.S. is in a decline caused by conscious public . . .

A Putin kind of communism
Toby Westerman
July 2, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky to the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov.  . . .

Russian dominance in Europe?
Toby Westerman
April 21, 2014

Russia's ability to exert its will in Crimea and threaten eastern Ukraine did not arise accidentally, but by design. Russia's successful use of threats, . . .

Thanks, Vlad
Toby Westerman
March 11, 2014

America owes a debt of thanks to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Before his Stalinesque invasion of Ukrainian territory, few seemed concerned about Russia's . . .

Deadly myth: America the invulnerable
Toby Westerman
November 20, 2013

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, the Americans have comforted themselves with the knowledge that the United States was the world's only . . .

Russian revolution: urgent lessons for U.S. today
Toby Westerman
October 25, 2013

This year is the 96th anniversary of the Russian revolution, one of the most earthshaking events in human history. The terms "history" and "96th anniversary" . . .

On the comeback trail -- the Communist Party in Russia
Toby Westerman
October 8, 2013

The Communist Party in Russia has reportedly dealt the ruling United Russia party a serious blow in one of the regions of the Russian Federation by winning . . .

Moscow-Beijing axis -- a threat real or imagined?
Toby Westerman
July 23, 2013

For years this column has argued that there is a solid alliance between Russia and China, and that this alliance constitutes a direct military challenge to the . . .

Did China buy Nicaragua?
Toby Westerman
June 20, 2013

A potentially disastrous foreign policy situation for the U.S. has arisen: Communist China now appears to have all but purchased the Central American nation . . .

Russia poised to achieve nuclear superiority over U.S.
Toby Westerman
January 28, 2013

In his second term as Russian president, Vladimir Putin has made the rebuilding of Russian military forces, including its nuclear striking capabilities, a top . . .

China's 'Soft Power' and a real 'Red Dawn'
Toby Westerman
January 3, 2013

The most under reported, but potentially explosive story of 2013, is shaping up to be the rise of the "Soft Power" tactic currently being implemented by the . . .

Of things to come
Toby Westerman
November 15, 2012

America has made a choice in the November 2012 elections, and the security of the nation will suffer for it. There is no honest debate as to what lies before an . . .

Spy dreams, future nightmare
Toby Westerman
October 16, 2012

The online English language version of the state controlled Russian news agency RIA Novosti recently published an "exclusive interview" with Lt. Gen. (ret.) . . .

Moscow, Beijing 'reset': the new world order of Russia, China and a weak U.S.
Toby Westerman
October 9, 2012

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared that the Obama administration's "Reset" in relations with Russia "cannot last forever," and must be followed by . . .

The Christian holocaust
Toby Westerman
September 25, 2012

In a sinister twist, the so-called Mainstream Media are attempting to move the nation's attention away from the anti-U.S. rage of Muslim mobs, the flag burnings . . .

From humiliation to conflagration: we do not know our enemies
Toby Westerman
September 19, 2012

A tidal wave of horrific mages of mobs storming our embassies have flooded all media, from TV sets to mobile devices. The numbing truth, however, is that these . . .

Moscow miffed at Mitt
Toby Westerman
September 6, 2012

Moscow wasted no time in expressing through its cooperative media its displeasure at both Republican nominee Mitt Romney and the Republican Party for advocating . . .

Romney right on Russia and Fidel Castro agrees
Toby Westerman
April 22, 2012

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's description of Russia as America's "number one geopolitical foe" runs afoul of both the Obama administration's  . . .

Russian nuclear submarine as omen -- will U.S. continue to disarm?
Toby Westerman
February 14, 2012

The world is justifiably concerned about a nuclear capable Iran, but the Islamic Republic's prime ally, the Russian Federation, is putting into active service a . . .

Reflection in the dragon's eye: China, Cuba, and the espionage alliance against the U.S.
Toby Westerman
January 11, 2012

China's intelligence operations are the "core arena" for achieving the superpower status which the Communist elite in Beijing so passionately desires. Central . . .

Al-Qaeda's Cuban connection: terrorism with a Latin beat
Toby Westerman
November 1, 2011

Recent news of a Cuban national arrested apparently acting in sympathy with Al-Qaeda and earlier reports of Cubans working with Al-Qaeda operatives in the . . .

Medicare fraud pays for Cuban spy activities against U.S.
Toby Westerman
September 9, 2011

The Communist Cuban dictatorship is draining hundreds of millions of dollars from America's already financially strapped Medicare program and using the money to . . .

Looming American tragedy
Toby Westerman
August 11, 2011

While the battle over the budget is vital to the nation, other events and developments which are essential to the survival of the United States are . . .

Liberal and conservative political correctness?
Toby Westerman
July 19, 2011

The trial of Casey Anthony, the budget, and the Republican primaries dominate the "news" and the chatter of the leading talk shows. Iran and Islamic . . .

U.S., China, Taiwan, and a bitter irony
Toby Westerman
June 23, 2011

Twenty years ago the Soviet union, correctly termed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan as the evil empire, collapsed as the world rejoiced. At that moment, America . . .

Appeasing communist China, or driving to self-destruction in a Cadillac
Toby Westerman
May 28, 2011

Cadillac, a division of General Motors, was once synonymous with financial achievement and success in the world. Cadillac was as American as apple pie, if at . . .

A note to defense budget cutters: America is at war, and not just with fundamentalist Islam
Toby Westerman
May 19, 2011

In the debate over how spending cuts will be inflicted upon the U.S. military, little is heard about the China threat, less about Russia, and nothing about the . . .

Libya, Syria, Russia -- American blind eyes look east
Toby Westerman
April 15, 2011

A new threat is arising in the Near East, one that cooperates with Islamic fundamentalist terror, but goes far beyond it. The regime of Syrian president Bashar . . .

Libya -- a war only the bad guys can win?
Toby Westerman
March 29, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi is a secular Socialist leader facing open rebellion led by a faction or factions committed to militant Islam. The clash in Libya between the . . .

Mr. Uka's lesson: know your enemy or die
Toby Westerman
March 8, 2011

Four decades ago the U.S. national media misinformed the American public about the events taking place in a place called South Vietnam. The result was America's . . .

Not your father's Cold War
Toby Westerman
December 14, 2010

Cyber attacks penetrating U.S. hyper-sensitive security points, espionage activity directed at the United States at unprecedented levels, and ideological rivals . . .

The China nightmare
Toby Westerman
November 11, 2010

U.S. Secretary Hilary Clinton has recently called upon Communist China to be a "responsible player" in regional and global affairs. Clinton's hopes, however, . . .

A spyocracy and global deception
Toby Westerman
October 26, 2010

Russia, led by its "spyocracy," and China, dominated by the Communist Party, are engaged in an alliance which aids Marxist governments and movements around the . . .

SPIES: they have your number -- so why not get theirs?
Toby Westerman
October 5, 2010

For several years, Russia, China, and Cuba have been operating their spies against the United States (and other Western nations) at Cold War levels. U.S. . . .

China: a dragon you can believe in
Toby Westerman
September 8, 2010

The four-decade long attempt to cultivate China as a capitalist friend has failed miserably. Recent advances in its military, space, and cyber technology are . . .

Spies who look just like us: the game that is not a game
Toby Westerman
August 11, 2010

The U.S. media is performing a "disservice" to the American people in the coverage of recent espionage incidents and its portrayal of spying in general, . . .

Lying to the dead: the past as a forbidden place
Toby Westerman
August 3, 2010

Past is prologue, and it is difficult to sell an idea as virtuous if it has resulted in the merciless deaths of millions of innocent victims. Such virtue makes . . .

Russia today: victim or spy nation?
Toby Westerman
July 31, 2010

Should Russia be considered a victim of Soviet-era totalitarianism — or is the present Russian elite working to advance a neo-communist revival? A highly . . .

Schwarzenegger flexes muscle for Moscow, while Obama ignores warnings from Russian dissidents
Toby Westerman
June 30, 2010

California governor, and former film superhero, Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged to lead a trade mission to Russia and assist "in any way possible" Russia's . . .

Lenin lives! -- but will he get his own spot on Larry King?
Toby Westerman
June 17, 2010

Marxism is alive and on the propaganda march as seen in the defense of Communist Cuba and Venezuela by movie director Oliver Stone and former Minnesota governor . . .

Lies and the preferred terrorist
Toby Westerman
May 12, 2010

Not all terrorists are equal. Some act alone or in connection with a small band of murderers, as did Faisal Shahzad, the would-be New York Times Square bomber.  . . .

Weapons of thought destruction
Toby Westerman
February 22, 2010

A sophisticated and almost completely unreported propaganda campaign, directed primarily against the U.S., is obscuring Moscow's role in advancing the cause of . . .

Silent holocaust of Christian martyrs -- a warning of things to come?
Toby Westerman
January 13, 2010

A silent holocaust of Christian martyrs is taking place around the world. While individual instances of murder and mayhem are sometimes reported, the general . . .

New sophisticated sub for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles to arrive early 2010
Toby Westerman
December 23, 2009

Construction of a Russian missile submarine carrying the name of Saint Nicholas, a revered religious figure in both Western and Eastern Christianity — the . . .

Chavez and the ideology of Russian missiles
Toby Westerman
December 10, 2009

Venezuela's Marxist leader, Hugo Chavez, is receiving "thousands" of reliable, accurate, and very portable Russian ground-to-air missiles as part of a military . . .

Birth of the anti-American American: why some Americans no longer believe in victory or America
Toby Westerman
December 9, 2009

Americans may wonder how the freedom-loving "shining city on a hill" of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan produced a presidential administration which is . . .

Turning red in the U.S. -- more Chavez than Alinsky
Toby Westerman
December 2, 2009

The destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 appeared to be the end of Communism as a world movement. Twenty years . . .

Iranian nukes for Latin America?
Toby Westerman
November 24, 2009

The current trip of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mamud Ahmadinejad, to Venezuela, Bolivia, and Brazil demonstrates the great importance . . .

Soviet error or desire for freedom? -- the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War
Toby Westerman
November 12, 2009

The celebrations are now over. Leaders from 28 nations — President Obama sent Hillary Clinton — commemorated the fall of the Berlin wall, which initiated . . .

Russia rearming
Toby Westerman
October 29, 2009

While the President of the United States is equivocating over troop support in Afghanistan and reducing defense spending at home, Russian President Dmitry . . .

Communist tyranny in America? What we must know and do
Toby Westerman
October 26, 2009

There is the very real danger that a Communist tyranny could be coming to America. The key elements already are beginning to come into place: an attempt to . . .

The strategy of "Peoples War" is destroying the United States
Toby Westerman
October 15, 2009

The disgraceful betrayal of America's armed forces which occurred during the war in Vietnam is being repeated again in Afghanistan. Today's military allergic . . .

Spy threat: catch and release
Toby Westerman
September 30, 2009

America is about to be forced into a dangerous game of catch and release with deadly spies, threatening both national security and the morale of the U.S. . . .

Hugo Chavez: more than a "little guy"
Toby Westerman
September 23, 2009

Hugo Chavez, the dictator/president of Venezuela, was described as a "little guy" by a top ranked nationally known cable news program host. Unfortunately for . . .

Chavez predicts the end of America at Moscow University
Toby Westerman
September 17, 2009

Venezuela's Marxist president-dictator Hugo Chavez addressed an influential university in Moscow stating that America's influence in the world is "dying," and . . .

COLD WAR II: What happened to the fall of communism?
Toby Westerman
September 9, 2009

Events were not supposed to have turned out this way: Stalin is making a comeback in Russia, the Chinese Communist Party controls capitalism in China, Venezuela . . .

An unacknowledged war: U.S. troops, the FARC-EP, Chavez, and an error repeated
Toby Westerman
August 27, 2009

The United States is at war in Latin America — or more properly — nations and guerrilla armies are at war with the United States. Although under attack, and . . .

U.S. military secrets, spies, and the 'China model'
Toby Westerman
August 12, 2009

America's most sensitive military secrets will be sought even more aggressively by one of the most effective spy services in the world — Cuban intelligence. . . .

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