Mark Ellis
Death penalty now
By Mark Ellis
July 12, 2012

While news-surfing around the web last weekend I came upon the story about the Utah child dragged out of her bed, sexually assaulted, and brutally murdered.

The horror.

In a news clip from a Salt Lake City station a distraught neighbor tearfully called for the death penalty, "swift and sure." Ain't it the truth? We need to start offing the baby killers.

Where I live in Portland that same week another degenerate locked a young boy in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant. When unable to complete his abominable act he stabbed the child repeatedly. The Oregonian promptly produced a photo from this monster's 1993 sentencing hearing — on charges he had molested an eight year old boy repeatedly over the course of a summer. They'd sent the bastard up, but he'd gotten out early on whatever passes for good behavior from a child rapist.

As society reels from the Sandusky revelations, and the Catholic Church begins the long road back from its pedophilia scandals, a significant plurality of the populace is awakening to the fact that moral relativism, rehabilitation theory, and misguided humanist leniency is weakening our just retributive obligations as a civilization.

We've got to start thinning the herd of these subhuman predators.

Death penalty advocates point to Biblical admonitions like "an eye for an eye," and the sixth commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Capital punishment opponents turn that argument back, saying that if God rules over heaven and earth, it is not our place to mete out the ultimate punishment.

But there's another theological truism, not in the Bible, but I think it applies here: "God helps those who help themselves." I'll extrapolate that this especially applies to helping our children. We need to start helping ourselves and our children by ensuring swift, sure, lengthy, punishment for child predators. When a child's premeditated death is involved that justice needs to be final.

Death penalty opponents say that if people could only see an actual execution they would abolish the death penalty. I'll wager that if I could get a dime from every U.S. citizen who would take the day off work to help hang the Utah killer if convicted, I'd be a millionaire.

Over in Norway, one can imagine a Euro-decadent Ministry of Punitive Arts considering whether convicted child slaughterer Anders Breivik should be allowed to have cable television in his cell.

Here in America we've had it with the child killers. Nobody gives a damn about rehabilitation for these reptiles. The message needs to be sent, to cowards like the Utah killer, powerful perverts like Sandusky, and — as a Catholic this pains me most — those men of the Cross who descended into the lowest circle of earthly Hell. You won't get rehabilitated, there will be no mercy for "good behavior," no cover-ups, and no reassignments.

Human justice will be delivered to you, right up to a final, permanent solution to the mistake that is your existence. After that God will sort things out.

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